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The Obama administration pressed Thursday for greater United Nations authority to confront Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi's forces by land, air and sea, while insisting that Arab governments play a central role in any possible military action.
Gates says U.S. military could enforce a no-fly zone in Libya if Obama ordered one (Post, March 14, 2011; 12:08 PM)
Obama offers tempered support for Libya rebels (Post, March 12, 2011; 12:00 AM)
Turmoil jars U.S. counter-terror efforts (Post, March 7, 2011; 9:04 PM)
Hacked e-mails show Web is increasingly useful tool in dirty-tricks campaigns (Post, March 6, 2011; 7:42 PM)
Concern grows over use of flame retardant HBCD (Post, March 4, 2011; 11:35 AM)
Listening to music can prompt the brain to send positive signals throughout the body (Post, February 28, 2011; 9:08 PM)
White House caution in response to Gaddafi's actions was guided by fears for the safety of Americans in Libya: White House weighed safety of Americans as it deliberated Libya response (Post, February 27, 2011; 12:00 AM)
U.S. closes embassy in Tripoli, prepares sanctions (Post, February 25, 2011; 11:58 PM)
Increased U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan killing few high-ranking militants (Post, February 21, 2011; 12:07 AM)
Bin Laden likely to be sent to Guantanamo if captured, Panetta tells Senate panel (Post, February 16, 2011; 10:10 PM)
Anthrax report casts doubt on scientific evidence in FBI case against Bruce Ivins (Post, February 15, 2011; 9:32 PM)
Comments by Panetta stoke unmet expectations (Post, February 11, 2011; 12:08 AM)
Taliban's spring offensive likely to target Afghan leaders cooperating with government (Post, February 7, 2011; 11:28 PM)
When innovation is a risk for small businesses (Post, February 5, 2011; 9:18 PM)
Senate probe faults Army, FBI for missing warning signs before Fort Hood attack (Post, February 3, 2011; 10:16 PM)
Text of President Obama's State of the Union address (Post, January 26, 2011; 12:33 AM)
Aging and failed satellites jeopardize efforts to collect data on climate change (Post, January 24, 2011; 8:12 PM)
Giffords faces long road to help her brain rebuild itself after Tucson shooting (Post, January 21, 2011; 12:00 AM)
The 2011 counterterrorism calendar, working for you (Post, January 20, 2011; 8:29 PM)

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