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Ten pounds. Maybe 15! Twenty pounds? If only I could lose those 10-plus pounds -- this is the lifelong obsession of scale-watchers.
My Time: Some longtime couples find that not breaking up is hard to do (By Abigail Trafford, June 8, 2010)
The long goodbye can create crises for family caregivers (Post, April 6, 2010)
And the Oscar for mastering the art of aging gracefully goes to . . . (By Abigail Trafford, March 2, 2010)
To learn what's gone wrong with health-care reform, go back to 1994: To learn what's gone wrong with health-care reform, go back to 1994 (Post, February 2, 2010)
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A Sisterhood That Endures For Decades (By Abigail Trafford, May 12, 2009)
Looking for Heroes? Many of Them Are in the AARP Generation. (By Abigail Trafford, April 21, 2009)
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