Fisher Columns

Unbending Rules on Drugs in Schools Drive One Teen to the Breaking Point (By Marc Fisher, April 5, 2009)
You Can Wrap That Red Herring in a Plastic (or Paper) Bag (By Marc Fisher, April 2, 2009)
Need to Cut Costs, Virginia? Cut Loose Control of Rest Stops (By Marc Fisher, March 31, 2009)
You Can Fight City Hall. You Can Even Make It Apologize. (By Marc Fisher, March 24, 2009)
A Twisted Case of Cyberharassment (By Marc Fisher, March 22, 2009)
Job-Search Centers' Abundant Offering: Time Spent Waiting (By Marc Fisher, March 19, 2009)
D.C.'s 'Muddled' Work on Firefighters' Case Could Lose More Than an Appeal (By Marc Fisher From Marc Fisher's Blog, March 17, 2009)
A Tale of Two Communities, And of How the Tale Gets Told (By Marc Fisher, March 15, 2009)
Hard Line on Guns Could Set Back D.C. Voting Rights (By Marc Fisher, March 12, 2009)
Internet Free-for-All Promises An Ongoing Test of Free Speech (By Raw Fisher From Marc Fisher's Blog, March 10, 2009)
Delegate's Stance On Death Penalty Informed by Tragedy (By Marc Fisher, March 8, 2009)
Va. Judge Was Right to Step On The Sign Avenger's Cape (By Marc Fisher, March 5, 2009)
Fenty's Take on Bigotry At Dubai Tennis Tourney Is Dubious at Best (By Raw Fisher From Marc Fisher's Blog, March 3, 2009)
Bloggers Can't Fill the Gap Left by Shrinking Press Corps (By Marc Fisher, March 1, 2009)
In Cobbler's Shops, Tough Times Are Mending a Moribund Industry (By Marc Fisher, February 26, 2009)
Time for I-66 to Grow Out (By Raw Fisher: From Marc Fisher's Blog, February 24, 2009)
McDonnell Casts Himself As a More Moderate Choice (By Marc Fisher, February 22, 2009)
A Bad Deal for Md. Taxpayers (By Marc Fisher, February 19, 2009)
An Example Waiting to Be Made (By Raw Fisher: From Marc Fisher's Blog, February 17, 2009)
Brash and Loaded With Cash, McAuliffe Skips Past The Experience Issue (By Marc Fisher, February 15, 2009)
In a Casual-Dining World, D.C. Is Still Comfortable in a Tie (By Marc Fisher, February 12, 2009)
Moran Relying on Democratic Roots, Judgment in Run for Governor (Post, February 8, 2009)
When One Among Us Falls, We All Are Compelled to Act (By Marc Fisher, February 5, 2009)
Candidate Closer to N.Va. Than It Seems (By Marc Fisher, February 1, 2009)
At Least D.C. Is Getting Some Respect (By Marc Fisher, January 29, 2009)
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