Unconventional Wisdom by Richard Morin
When it comes to immigrants, apparently you can't be too tall or too white.

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Honoring the Scholars Who Answer Questions Most People Don't Ask (By Richard Morin, October 6, 2006, Page A02)
Captains of Industry, Masters of Cheating (By Richard Morin, September 27, 2006, Page A02)
Did They Do Voodoo? They Think So. (By Richard Morin, September 22, 2006, Page A02)
When Malls Stay Open on Sundays, the Pious Party (By Richard Morin, September 14, 2006, Page A02)
In Congress, a Whole Lot of Half-Truths (By Richard Morin, September 6, 2006, Page A02)
Women Aren't Good in Math . . . or Are They? (By Richard Morin, August 31, 2006, Page A02)
Products That Promise Help Seem to Prolong Vices (By Richard Morin, August 24, 2006, Page A02)
Book Your Mongolian Vacation Now (By Richard Morin, August 18, 2006, Page A02)
More Evidence That Lefties Have the Right Stuff (By Richard Morin, August 9, 2006, Page A02)
Perfect 10s and the Odds of a Pink Nursery (By Richard Morin, August 2, 2006, Page A02)
You Really Are Know-It-Alls (By Richard Morin, July 14, 2006, Page A02)
Diplomatic Scofflaws and the Culture of Corruption (By Richard Morin, June 30, 2006, Page A02)
Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy? (By Richard Morin, June 23, 2006, Page A02)
What's Black and White and Red All Over? (By Richard Morin, June 15, 2006, Page A02)
The Color of Disaster Assistance (By Richard Morin, June 9, 2006, Page A02)
Drunks + Kids = Profits (By Richard Morin, May 30, 2006, Page A02)
Mars and Venus in the Classroom (By Richard Morin, May 18, 2006, Page A02)
Casinos and Crime: The Luck Runs Out (By Richard Morin, May 11, 2006, Page A02)
The Fox News Effect (By Richard Morin, May 4, 2006, Page A02)
Marching Band and Other Hazards of High School (By Richard Morin, April 26, 2006, Page A02)
Yo, Word Up, Arabz (By Richard Morin, April 20, 2006, Page A02)
Whites Take Flight on Election Day (By Richard Morin, April 14, 2006, Page A02)
Smart Talk and Girly Talk on the Campaign Trail (By Richard Morin, April 4, 2006, Page A02)
Whacky Politics (By Richard Morin, March 30, 2006, Page A02)
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