Full Court Press by Charles Lane
When it comes to patent law, who is the ultimate authority? Is it the Supreme Court? Or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the specialty court for patent and trademark law established by Congress in 1982?
Judges Alter Rules for Sponsored Trips (Post, September 20, 2006, Page A23)
White House Fights Race-Based Admissions Policies (By Charles Lane, September 4, 2006, Page A17)
Portrait of the Chief Justice as a Family Man (By Charles Lane, August 7, 2006, Page A13)
Former Justice's Influence Felt in 2006 (By Charles Lane, July 3, 2006, Page A19)
Plenty of Room on the Fall Docket (By Charles Lane, June 5, 2006, Page A13)
Alito May Tilt Vote in Reargued Cases (By Charles Lane, May 1, 2006, Page A17)
Kennedy's Assault on Editorial Writers (By Charles Lane, April 3, 2006, Page A17)
The Varying Influence of Clerks (By Charles Lane, March 6, 2006, Page A13)
Blood Trail Is Crux of Forensic Mystery (By Charles Lane, February 6, 2006, Page A13)
Changing Attitudes About the Death Penalty (By Charles Lane, January 2, 2006, Page A11)
Suing for a Slice of Domino's (By Charles Lane, December 5, 2005, Page A19)
Justice Kennedy Shares Foreign Policy Views (By Charles Lane, November 7, 2005, Page A19)
A Man of Many Hobbies and Little Fuss (By Charles Lane, September 5, 2005, Page A29)
On a Big Issue, Little Is Known (By Charles Lane, August 1, 2005, Page A15)
Full Court Press: In Other News From the Middle, Some Shifts by Justice Kennedy (By Charles Lane, July 4, 2005, Page A15)
A Look at a Rehnquist Legacy (By Charles Lane, June 6, 2005, Page A17)
From Justices, Static on Televising Proceedings (By Charles Lane, May 2, 2005, Page A15)
POW Claims Bump Into Foreign Policy (By Charles Lane, April 4, 2005, Page A19)
Kennedy Reversal Swings Court Against Juvenile Death Penalty (By Charles Lane, March 7, 2005, Page A17)

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