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Mom knew best: Go light on TV, load up on love (By Tom Shales, February 23, 2010)
From Tiger Woods, a tried and true mea culpa (By Tom Shales, February 20, 2010)
Good as gold: NBC wraps itself in well-deserved Olympics glory (By Tom Shales, February 16, 2010)
Opening Ceremonies on NBC mean one thing: Ohhhhhhh, Canada! (By Tom Shales, February 13, 2010)
Once again, Letterman's 'Late Show' promo is spot on (By Tom Shales, February 8, 2010)
By George, she's good (By Tom Shales, February 2, 2010)
Obama: Read his lips -- and his body language (By Tom Shales, January 28, 2010)
In dying color: NBC, the fading peacock (By Tom Shales, January 26, 2010)
TV REVIEW: Stars align to shine their light on Haiti (By Tom Shales, January 23, 2010)
Television: 'Caprica': A world that warrants a return visit (By Tom Shales, January 22, 2010)
The villains of NBC's tawdry drama (By Tom Shales, January 19, 2010)
NBC bruises O'Brien as it protects that big glass jaw (By Tom Shales, January 12, 2010)
Brit Hume's off message: Have faith, Tiger, just not your own (By Tom Shales, January 5, 2010)
Best of the decade: Television (Post, December 27, 2009)
Bumpy debut, but Sawyer's filling Gibson's shoes (By Tom Shales, December 22, 2009)
: He's no Diane Sawyer, but Stephanopoulos holds his own in 'GMA' debut (By Tom Shales, December 15, 2009)
'Jacksons': Too little song, too little dance (By Tom Shales, December 12, 2009)
TV PREVIEW: 'The People Speak': A revisionist history of these United States (By Tom Shales, December 12, 2009)
At last, Blu-ray poised to change the big picture (By Tom Shales, December 8, 2009)
TV preview: TNT's truly adult fare (By Tom Shales, December 7, 2009)
TV PREVIEW: 'Alice's' looking glass: Warped in Syfy movie (By Tom Shales, December 5, 2009)
Obama puts his popularity on the (battle) line (By Tom Shales, December 2, 2009)
Let's take the fame out of reality-TV infamy (By Tom Shales, December 1, 2009)
'Ben 10': The force is with them (By Tom Shales, November 25, 2009)
Maybe it's time for Larry David to kick Larry David to the curb (By Tom Shales, November 24, 2009)

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