Talking Points by Terry M. Neal

When I told my friends and associates three and a half years ago that I was going to take a job writing a political column for, I mostly got blank looks.
Iraq's PR Battle Continues in U.S., Abroad (By Terry M. Neal, December 8, 2005; 11:27 AM)
Hurricane Recovery: A Forgotten Priority? (By Terry M. Neal, November 30, 2005; 9:09 AM)
Murtha's Reality Check (By Terry M. Neal, November 22, 2005; 11:06 AM)
Iraq Fighting Shifts to U.S. Soil (By Terry M. Neal, November 17, 2005; 11:05 AM)
A Dangerous Veto Threat (By Terry M. Neal, November 15, 2005; 10:29 AM)
Are Democrats Riding a National Wave? (By Terry M. Neal, November 10, 2005; 11:05 AM)
The War in Iraq: What Next for Democratic Opposition? (By Terry M. Neal, November 8, 2005; 7:53 AM)
Questions Remain About the Arguments for War (By Terry M. Neal, November 3, 2005; 11:59 AM)
Quick Thoughts on a Failed Nomination (By Terry M. Neal, October 27, 2005; 12:39 PM)
Let the Rule of Law Prevail (By Terry M. Neal, October 25, 2005; 6:00 AM)
The Cutting Cost of Spending (By Terry M. Neal, October 20, 2005; 9:24 AM)
Bush Should Live Up to 2000 Pledge (By Terry M. Neal, October 18, 2005; 8:04 AM)
Security at Any Cost? (By Terry M. Neal, October 14, 2005; 6:00 AM)
Do Democrats Need Their Own Gingrich? (By Terry M. Neal, October 11, 2005; 6:00 AM)
Political Capital Running on Low (By Terry M. Neal, October 7, 2005; 8:51 AM)
Tax-Cut and Spend Republicans (By Terry M. Neal, October 3, 2005; 8:42 AM)
GOP Ignores Lessons of Democrats' Past Mistakes (By Terry M. Neal, September 28, 2005; 6:27 PM)
Echoes of 1994 With Current Scandals? (By Terry M. Neal, September 27, 2005; 12:04 PM)
Race, Class Re-Enter Politics After Katrina (By Terry M. Neal, September 22, 2005; 11:02 AM)
Teetering on the Precipice (Terry M. Neal , September 16, 2005; 11:18 AM)
If a Liberal Opposition Group Held a Rally in a Forest ... (By Terry M. Neal, September 15, 2005; 11:18 AM)
A Rare Sight in Washington: Partisans Back Off (By Terry M. Neal, September 14, 2005; 4:10 PM)
Parsing the Abortion Debate (By Terry M. Neal, September 13, 2005; 4:43 PM)
Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth (By Terry M. Neal, September 8, 2005; 9:46 AM)
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