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Obesity task force has a recipe for success: White House plan to get kids fit targets homes, restaurants, manufacturers (Post, May 12, 2010)
Gown and country: The fabrics of American life (Post, May 9, 2010)
Fashion: White House Correspondents' dinner: D.C. spiffs up its act (Post, May 3, 2010)
In Dorothy Height's distinctive wardrobe: Dignity, discipline and strength (Post, May 2, 2010)
Fashion: Celebrating Dorothy Height's fashion flair (Post, April 28, 2010; 5:57 PM)
FASHION: Fear not, Julianna: Look to the fashion industry for ways to dress up the White House (Post, April 25, 2010)
First lady urges Mexican youths to improve communities: Michelle Obama emphasizes that even the underprivileged have the ability to succeed (Post, April 16, 2010)
Michelle Obama makes kids Topic 1: Traveling abroad, the first lady makes children the first topic of discussion (Post, April 15, 2010)
Mexico's capital eerily quiet as first lady tours city (, April 14, 2010; 12:21 PM)
Before Mexican sojourn, first lady views ravaged Haiti (Post, April 14, 2010)
First lady makes a surprise stop in Haiti (, April 13, 2010; 2:46 PM)
Michelle Obama, all by herself, for world's children (Post, April 13, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: The Versace saga: An exquisitely threaded tale (Post, April 13, 2010)
Fashion: Revisiting her mother's closet, tugging on the threads of memory (Post, April 11, 2010)
Obama cuts to the nitty-gritty on kids' obesity: At task force gathering, first lady delves for details in youth campaign (Post, April 10, 2010)
On Easter finery, trying to keep the sunny side up (Post, April 4, 2010)
First ladies' wardrobes speak, but don't scuffle (Post, March 28, 2010)
Fashion's 'Oscars' has the glamour, but not the glare (Post, March 21, 2010)
On the Paris runways, fall collections shed their frills (Post, March 14, 2010)
On Fashion: A fizzy moment in inaugural history (Post, March 9, 2010)
Elbaz's show of strengths: In Paris, empowerment is at the heart of his Lanvin line; Watanabe, Kawakubo shine (Post, March 9, 2010)
Catwalk and mouse: Webcasts are changing the game (Post, March 7, 2010)
In Paris, a return to shock and awe: Designers exult in the exotic and ostentatious for fall 2010 collections (Post, March 6, 2010)
The sacrificial ma'am?: Desirée Rogers may have improved Washington's look. Washington may not have noticed. (Post, March 3, 2010)
Fashion: Positions of power (Post, March 2, 2010)

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