Apartment Life
After 5 1/2 years inhabiting this space in the newspaper, I'm moving out. In this, my last, column, let me begin by telling you, the composite advice-seeking renter, who you are.
Apartment Life: Prevention as a Weapon Against Dust (By Sara Gebhardt, March 29, 2008, Page T13)
Apartment Life: Weighing the Costs, Financial and Otherwise, of Staying vs. Moving (By Sara Gebhardt, March 15, 2008, Page T13)
Apartment Life: Zen and the Art of Drowning Out the Neighbors (By Sara Gebhardt, March 1, 2008, Page T13)
Tenants' Unilateral Change to the Lease Shouldn't Be Honored (By Sara Gebhardt, February 16, 2008, Page T13)
Apartment Life: Vacation's Over: Blow the Whistle on Short-Term Subletters (By Sara Gebhardt, February 2, 2008, Page T13)
Apartment Living: The Reason for Pet Rent: Thoughts From the Other Side (By Sara Gebhardt, January 19, 2008, Page T13)
House-Hunting Credit Checks Shouldn't Harm Your Score (By Sara Gebhardt, January 5, 2008, Page T13)
Apartment Life: If Landlord Doesn't Fix Radiator, Turn Up the Heat by Going to the County (By Sara Gebhardt, December 22, 2007, Page T13)
Apartment Life: When Tenant Moves Out Early, Let Landlord Rule on Security Deposit (By Sara Gebhardt, December 8, 2007, Page T13)
Avoiding a Bad Lease Is Worth Some Short-Term Pain (By Sara Gebhardt, November 24, 2007, Page T13)
Apartment Life: Cat Damage to Ratty Carpet Shouldn't Cost Tenant (By Sara Gebhardt, November 10, 2007, Page T09)
Apartment Life: Landlord Not Guided by Montgomery's Rent Guideline (By Sara Gebhardt, October 27, 2007, Page T09)
Apartment Life: Demand Accountability on Handicapped Parking (By Sara Gebhardt, October 13, 2007, Page T09)
In the Case of the Missing Clothes, Drop a Hint and Let Others Do the Sleuthing (By Sara Gebhardt, September 28, 2007, Page T09)
Appealing to Neighbors' Reason Over Bad Parking Can Get You Out of a Tight Spot (By Sara Gebhardt, September 15, 2007, Page T13)
No Security Deposit? Pretend There Is One. (By Sara Gebhardt, September 1, 2007, Page T13)
Apartment Life: Landlord's Eviction Attempt May Be an End Run Around the Law (By Sara Gebhardt, August 18, 2007, Page T13)
In Roommate Search, Cover Ground From Grocery Store to Cyberspace (By Sara Gebhardt, August 4, 2007, Page T13)
New Tenant in a Good Position to Clear Up Division of Duties (By Sara Gebhardt, July 21, 2007, Page T13)
Deadbeat Landlord Keeps Condo Renter Out of the Pool (By Sara Gebhardt, July 7, 2007, Page T13)
Because Lobby Isn't Lived in, Landlord May Not Have to Cool It (By Sara Gebhardt, June 22, 2007, Page T13)
Subleasing? Protect Your Rights by Making It Official. (By Sara Gebhardt, June 9, 2007, Page T13)
Settle Upkeep Issue With Landlord Before It Turns Thorny (By Sara Gebhardt, May 26, 2007, Page T13)
Damage and the Burden of Proof (By Sara Gebhardt, May 12, 2007, Page T13)
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