A roundup of stories involving athletes, coaches and fans who run afoul of the law, including updates on charges, trials, fines and investigations.

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Saints assistant Jones gets 3 years probation (AP, March 11, 2011; 12:32 PM)
Montreal police open investigation of on-ice hit by Bruins' Chara (AP, March 11, 2011; 12:01 AM)
Mayweather hearing postponed in Vegas felony case (AP, March 10, 2011; 2:03 PM)
Mets acknowledge they got loan from MLB (AP, February 26, 2011; 10:25 AM)
Landis team manager says French trial 'ridiculous' (AP, November 3, 2010; 9:21 AM)
Packers players approve union decertification (AP, October 4, 2010; 9:19 PM)
Michigan State football player pleads guilty in laptop thefts (AP, September 30, 2010; 4:35 PM)
Clemens, baseball take another hit with indictment (Post, August 20, 2010)
Digest: Digest (Post, August 14, 2010)
Fights, teens among challenges as D.C.'s Gallery Place matures: Deluge of teens challenges entertainment area as it matures (Post, August 13, 2010)
No immediate changes for Maryland after cheerleading ruling (Post, July 23, 2010)
After Tour, Armstrong may face another obstacle: Cycling legend and former associates could be dogged by ongoing federal doping investigation (Post, July 18, 2010)
Queen was known to go a few rounds (By Sally Jenkins, July 15, 2010)
Father's memory lingers for John Wall: Despite the angst that his father's jail stint and death created, John Wall reveres him (Post, June 20, 2010)
Court bars vital evidence in Bonds case (AP, June 11, 2010; 4:51 PM)
Baby Bear, banners and bus thefts (Post, May 28, 2010)
High court rules against the NFL in antitrust case: League's single-entity argument is rejected in unanimous ruling (Post, May 25, 2010)
Moss linked to HGH probe: REPORTEDLY AMONG ATHLETES TREATED Case brings renewed calls for NFL to enact blood-testing (Post, May 21, 2010)
Digest: Soderling and Cilic commit to Legg Mason (Post, May 14, 2010)
Speaking out, not playing it safe (May 7, 2010)
Scrutiny falls on U-Va. lacrosse: Eight men's players have faced charges on alcohol-related offenses (Post, May 6, 2010)
An acceptable arena for politics (By Mike Wise, May 6, 2010)
Hot Topic reachforthewall.com: Swim coach previously accused of sexual abuse suspended by Manassas club (Post, April 21, 2010)
Digest: Digest (Post, March 31, 2010)
Stanford survives Xavier with a basket at the buzzer: Griner leads Baylor to San Antonio with 51-48 win over Duke (Post, March 30, 2010)

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