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Masked support for free speech (Post, January 28, 2011)
'Anonymous' movement views Web hijinks as public good, but legality is opaque (Post, January 26, 2011; 11:32 PM)
Chinese tech giant turns to U.S. courts (Post, January 25, 2011)
Scientists' hopes for climate data are up in the air (Post, January 25, 2011)
Huawei sues to stop Motorola's deal with Nokia Siemens (Post, January 24, 2011; 10:54 PM)
Aging and failed satellites jeopardize efforts to collect data on climate change (Post, January 24, 2011; 8:12 PM)
Navy orders a halt to procurement of computer centers (Post, January 24, 2011)
WikiLeaks may have exploited music, photo networks to get data (, January 20, 2011; 12:07 AM)
In blog, homicide victims have their say (Post, January 19, 2011)
Blogger aims to chronicle every D.C. homicide victim (Post, January 18, 2011; 10:46 PM)
PenFed hacking leaves possibility of troop identity thefts (Post, January 18, 2011)
Hacker breaches security at Pentagon Federal Credit Union (Post, January 17, 2011; 5:57 PM)
ITT defense spinoff looking for D.C.-area headquarters (Post, January 17, 2011)
Iran reports arrest of 'spy network' with alleged ties to Israel (Post, January 10, 2011; 2:14 PM)
Cables leak reveals flaws of information-sharing tool (Post, December 31, 2010)
WikiLeaks cable dump reveals flaws of State Department's information-sharing tool (Post, December 31, 2010; 12:00 AM)
How & Why: Robots that think they're smart have another think coming (Post, December 20, 2010; 7:07 PM)
Top Secret America: Networks built to collect information on citizens (Post, December 20, 2010; 2:49 AM)
Top Secret America A WASHINGTON POST INVESTIGATION: Monitoring America (Post, December 20, 2010)
A destructive Internet worm could be potent cyber weapon (Post, December 19, 2010)
WikiLeaks founder Assange is released from British jail on bail (Post, December 17, 2010)
James Pasco, Fraternal Order of Police lobbyist, influences gun debate and more (Post, December 15, 2010; 1:30 PM)
Minerals that fuel digital items also finance war (Post, December 14, 2010)
Minerals found in consumer electronic devices help finance civil war in Congo (Post, December 13, 2010; 6:21 PM)
OMB cancels one IT program, scales back eight others (Post, December 13, 2010)

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