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The woman who police believed was a brave survivor of a brutal attack at a Bethesda yoga store has now been charged with killing her co-worker, even after she convinced detectives that two men in ski masks and gloves raped and beat them. Brittany Norwood, 28, left, was charged late Friday with murde
Lululemon Bethesda slaying arrest announced: Brittany Norwood being charged with murder (Post, March 19, 2011; 12:15 AM)
Montgomery burglary suspect indicted on 26 counts (Post, March 18, 2011; 12:02 AM)
Montgomery County police officer charged with helping fiance run cocaine ring (Post, March 16, 2011; 10:34 PM)
Police wound man in Prince George's shootout (Post, March 13, 2011; 11:14 PM)
Woman killed, another sexually assaulted at Bethesda Lululemon store (Post, March 12, 2011; 11:45 PM)
Prince George's County sees big backlog of warrants, including for felony charges (Post, March 9, 2011; 6:17 PM)
East Coast Rapist caught in Connecticut, authorities say (Post, March 5, 2011; 12:00 AM)
Starkly different accounts in man's fatal shooting by Pr. George's police officer: Civil trial to determine whether officer is liable for Langley Park man's death in 2008 (Post, February 27, 2011; 9:56 PM)
Serious crime on Metro hits 5-year high (Post, February 24, 2011; 12:15 AM)
Off-duty Montgomery officer shoots man in leg during traffic stop (Post, February 23, 2011; 9:47 PM)
Prosecutors use former Pr. George's executive Jack Johnson's own words against him (Post, February 21, 2011; 10:24 PM)
Man brandishing ice pick fatally shot during confrontation with police in Silver Spring (Post, February 20, 2011; 12:20 AM)
U.S. Capitol Police officer acquitted in National Harbor assault case (Post, February 17, 2011; 10:20 PM)
Former Pr. George's executive Johnson charged with taking bribes (Post, February 14, 2011; 10:58 PM)
Indictment accuses 11 MS-13 members of ruthless crimes, including killings, in D.C. area (Post, February 9, 2011; 11:50 PM)
Prince George's clarifies: Female jail visitors aren't required to remove bras (Post, February 9, 2011; 10:30 PM)
Man who left cellphone charging in home may be linked to 50 break-ins in Md. (Post, February 4, 2011; 10:03 PM)
Portraits of the 16 killed this year in Prince George's County (Post, February 1, 2011; 12:15 AM)
Phylicia Barnes disappeared from Baltimore a month ago; police have no leads (Post, January 31, 2011; 10:05 PM)
Prince George's homicide suspect had an unserved warrant for an earlier charge (Post, January 29, 2011; 10:33 PM)
Robber killed outside Takoma Park bank (Post, January 28, 2011; 10:19 PM)
After hostage standoff's favorable end, police strategy questioned (Post, January 28, 2011; 9:43 PM)
Final suspect in slaying of D.C. principal pleads guilty to lesser charges (Post, January 26, 2011; 9:55 PM)
Artist sees opportunity in theft of sculptures from Bethesda museum (Post, January 20, 2011; 12:41 AM)
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