Music Travel Stories

In K.C., the Vine's 2nd Act: Jazz's Encore Performance in a Legendary Neighborhood (Post, December 12, 2004)
MILAN OPERA 101: Hitting a High Note in Milan (November 21, 2004)
The Ultimate Jazz Joint: For N.Y.'s Rose Hall, a $128 Million House Party (Post, October 18, 2004)
The Grass Is Always Bluer . . .: . . . on the other side of the Alleghenies. At West Virginia's Purple Fiddle, at least, offbeat mountain music thrives. (Post, October 6, 2004)
Patsy's Home: Winchester, Va., wasn't always crazy about Patsy Cline. But she's welcome now. (Post, July 7, 2004)
Pittsburgh Rocks: The city that made steel is now forging some serious local music. (Post, May 12, 2004)
Heavy Metal: In Trinidad, the steel drum was created through a curious twist of fate. For the island's pan men who have spent a lifetime playing it, there has never been a more note-worthy accident (Post, March 7, 2004)
Come Together: He thought a trip to the rejuvenated Liverpool might help his teenage son connect with the Beatles -- and their own early challenges. But was it guaranteed to raise a smile? (Post, March 7, 2004)
Someone Else's Chicago: Punk polka. Mexican polka. A Polka Hall of Fame. Though the Windy City will always be known for its blues guitar, certain pockets of the city still echo with the sound of the accordion (Post, March 7, 2004)
side orders: Touring L.A.'s Mouse House (Post, March 7, 2004)
Think Floyd: Looking for the roots of bluegrass? Let your thoughts turn to this tiny Virginia burg and its neighbors. (Post, January 28, 2004)
Nashville Rocks: All Opry'd out in the home of country music? No problem. (Post, September 7, 2003)
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