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GOING OUR WAY: Delicious wine, food to sample when traveling in France's Burgundy, Rhone areas (Post, April 4, 2010)
25 years later, a return to the scene of the climb (Post, March 14, 2010)
Inside Paris wine shops, a casual revolution: Gourmet bistros cater to the young and hungry (Post, November 15, 2009)
Travel Q&A: European Holiday Destinations; What to Do in Phoenix (Post, October 11, 2009)
An Unsavory Holiday In France (Post, August 23, 2009)
How to Find Events in Paris (Post, August 23, 2009)
Overnight Success: On the Edge of Paris, Hotelier Aims for an Urban Club Med (Post, June 7, 2009)
TRAVEL Q&A: Un, Deux, Trois, Pump! (Post, May 24, 2009)
Rugged Brittany: It's French, With a Twist (Post, March 29, 2009)
A Brush With The Paris Art Scene: Out-of-the-Way Sites Show Off The Avant-Garde Side of the City (Post, March 8, 2009)
Following the Trail of the 'Pope's Jews' in Provence (Post, March 1, 2009)
Postcard from Tom: Paris: Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema's monthly report from the road. (Post, October 26, 2008)
A Stirring Icon of Girl Power: A Father and Daughter Follow the Trail of Joan of Arc (Post, October 12, 2008)
Taking the Reins for a Tour of Provence (Post, August 17, 2008)
Expanding Artistic Horizons (Post, August 10, 2008)
Your Vacation in Lights: A One-Horsepower Tour of Provence (Post, April 27, 2008)
In the Land of Castles: In France's Cathar Country, A Fortress Around Every Turn (Post, March 23, 2008)
Pop Stars: A Trip to France's Champagne Region Is Cause for Celebration (Post, December 30, 2007)
FRANCE: A Celebration Of Burgundy, Served Chilled (Post, December 23, 2007)
EXHIBIT A: In Paris, Grand Visions of Old and New (Post, November 11, 2007)
SMART MOUTH: A Japanese Chef Does French. Nice. (Post, October 21, 2007)
Free Wheeling: Paris's New Bike System: Locals Love It, but Does It Work for Tourists? (Post, September 23, 2007)
On the Fields of France, Blood, Sweat and Beers (Post, September 16, 2007)
High in the South of France (Post, September 2, 2007)
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