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Poor Josh Shakin. His wife, Nina Schichor, has three weeks of vacation, while he gets precisely one-third that amount. So the District couple will spend seven days vacationing in Eastern Europe this summer, and then it's back to work for him, leaving Nina to continue on with a friend who'll join her...
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WORLD CUP 101: Kicking Around Plans for 2006? (Post, May 22, 2005)
Having a Ball in Bavaria: They pined for new ornaments -- and ended up in a fairy-tale village. (Post, November 28, 2004)
Das Beach: Berlin's 'Shores' Offer Sun, Sand And the Wall (Post, September 21, 2003)
Hamburgmania: On a Beatles Tour, the Old Haunts Still Rock (Post, May 11, 2003)
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