Travel Security Stories

To fully understand the controversy of full-body airport scanners, reporter Andrea Sachs undergoes a scan, experiencing the technology's prying eyes firsthand.
Customs process becomes welcoming for trusted travelers (Post, December 1, 2009; 12:20 PM)
Cuba: The embargo remains, but bicycles own the road. (Post, September 20, 2009)
Coming and Going: Dulles Security, Frontier Baggage Fees, Radisson Data Breach (Post, September 13, 2009)
Coming and Going: Passport Expiration Dates, Stolen Credit Card Site (Post, July 19, 2009)
TRAVEL Q&A: A Lively Time in London (Post, June 14, 2009)
Touring Amid a City's Turmoil: In Mexican Capital, Experts' Safety Tips Are Put to the Test (Post, December 31, 2006)
Still Searching For Airport Security (By Paul C. Light, April 24, 2005)
Expect Airport Security Delays This Summer (By Keith L. Alexander, May 18, 2004)
Functional Fashion Helps Some Through Airport Checkpoints (Post, December 10, 2004)
Flier Registration Program to Be Tested (Post, June 17, 2004)
Madrid Aftermath: Staying Safe Abroad (Post, March 21, 2004)
Tighter Security on Europe's Rails: Riders Weigh Risks as Officials Concede They Can Make No Guarantees (Post, March 17, 2004)
Security Lax At Smallest U.S. Airports: Terrorists Could Exploit Gaps, Managers Fear (Post, March 9, 2004)
Flight 223 to Dulles Canceled -- Again: Security Concerns On London Route (Post, February 13, 2004)
U.S. to Push Airlines for Passenger Records: Travel Database to Rate Security Risk Factors (Post, January 12, 2004)
Airport Security (Post, September 14, 2003)

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