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Chesapeake City, Md., Has a Lock on History (Post, August 12, 2009)
Coming and Going: Swine Flu, Baggage Fees, Bolt Bus Stops (Post, July 26, 2009)
40 States in 40 Days? An 'A' for Effort. (Post, July 19, 2009)
Getting There: No Hops, Skips or Jumps (Post, March 1, 2009)
Step Back in Time to the Birth of Madrid's Metro (Post, February 15, 2009)
TRAVEL Q&A: The Rockies by Rail? Good Idea. (Post, February 15, 2009)
The Rail Way: Not Even a Wayward Moose Can Ruin The Trip for 'Train People' in Canada (Post, November 2, 2008)
D.C. to New York: The Deals on the Bus Go Round and Round (Post, August 31, 2008)
WHAT'S NEW: Rail Travelers Embrace Their Channel Crossing (Post, March 2, 2008)
You Can Get There From Here, Nonstop (Post, March 2, 2008)
Way to Go Guide 2008 (, February 1, 2008; 3:18 PM)
AIRFARE PRIMER: Finding a Flight at a Price That's Right (Post, February 3, 2008)
PASSPORTS: How to Make Sure Your Papers Are in Order (Post, February 3, 2008)
AIRPORTS (Post, February 3, 2008)
TRAINS: Ride the Rails, With or Without Your Car (Post, February 3, 2008)
BUSES: To Gotham, Slots City and Beyond (Post, February 3, 2008)
Ready for Takeoff? If You Need a Van, Make a Plan (Post, March 25, 2007)
A Guide to the Three Washington Area Airports (Post, February 4, 2007)
'Chinatown Buses': What You Need to Know (Post, September 17, 2006)
Trips on a Tank: Don't let skyrocketing gas prices put the brake on your travel plans. We found four destinations with no fill-up required. (Post, May 28, 2006)
CUTTING COSTS: Stretch Your Gas, Mile for Mile (Post, May 28, 2006)
DEALS: Fill 'Er Up . . . With Rebates (Post, May 28, 2006)
TRAVEL Q&A: Camping Made Easier (Post, January 1, 2006)
Flight Update: Getting From Here to There . . . Nonstop (Post, October 23, 2005)
SIDE ORDERS: On a Seattle Houseboat Tour, Floating With the Joneses (Post, October 16, 2005)

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