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Teri Housenger of Oakton is the latest contributor to Your Vacation in Lights, in which we invite Travel section readers to dish about their recent trips.
Georgia makes wine with a truly long finish: Russian embargo prompts vintners to focus on quality (Post, January 3, 2010)
Just chill: In western Canada, touring ice wine country at harvest time means braving the cold -- and enjoying the pace (Post, January 3, 2010)
Malbec's delicious reign in Mendoza (Post, January 3, 2010)
Long Island wineries hit their stride (Post, January 3, 2010)
In the Big Easy, go with the flow (Post, December 6, 2009)
Inside Paris wine shops, a casual revolution: Gourmet bistros cater to the young and hungry (Post, November 15, 2009)
A Peruvian Cocktail: Pisco-Sipping and Other Pleasures in The Land of the Incas (Post, September 6, 2009)
Behind Closed Doors, N.Y.'s Speak-Easy Spirit (Post, June 10, 2009)
In N.Y., an Appetite for Gastropubs (Post, May 24, 2009)
Getting a Taste for the Fine LIfe of Wine and Mud in Calistoga, Calif. (Post, May 10, 2009)
Violence Keeps Visitors From Mexico Wine Country (Post, April 26, 2009)
Savoring the Flavors of North Carolina's 'Napa' (Post, February 8, 2009)
Virginia Is Also for Beer Lovers (Post, January 21, 2009)
In the Vineyards of Ontario, Ice Is Nice (Post, December 7, 2008)
Driven to Drink in Kentucky: Bluegrass Views and a Taste Of the State's Bourbon Trail (Post, September 28, 2008)
Taking the Reins for a Tour of Provence (Post, August 17, 2008)
Prague's Upscale Pubs: Pub Grub Goes Upscale To Meet Changing Tastes (Post, July 6, 2008)
GOOD LIBATIONS: In Argentina, Don't Put a Cork in It (Post, April 27, 2008)
GOOD LIBATIONS: Las Vegas's Center Bars: A Different Sort of Table Game (Post, March 9, 2008)
Pop Stars: A Trip to France's Champagne Region Is Cause for Celebration (Post, December 30, 2007)
Foam for the Holidays: A Pre-Thanksgiving Look at What's Brewing in Pottsville, Pa. (Post, November 21, 2007)
A Heady Experience in Napa: Finding a Hopping Brew Biz in the Heart of Wine Country (Post, October 28, 2007)
GOOD LIBATIONS: Bassano del Grappa, Still the One (Post, October 7, 2007)
Vintage Shopping, Close to Home: Maryland: The Vineyards Are Small, but Passions Run High (Post, June 3, 2007)
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