Vietnam Travel Stories
Ed Nef of Alexandria is the latest contributor to Your Vacation in Lights, in which we invite Travel section readers to dish about their recent trips.
How Much for the Plastic Rat?: For Weird Souvenirs, Vietnam Is a Bargain Waiting to Happen (Post, April 22, 2007, Page P01)
Vietnam's Easy Rider: On a Motorcycle Tour, He Became One With the Road -- and the People (Post, November 13, 2005, Page P01)
Innocence Abroad: In Hanoi, 'Another Beaming American' (Post, November 21, 2004, Page P01)
The Cu Chi Tunnels: Vietnam's Deep, Dark Past (Post, May 2, 2004, Page P01)
Vietnam, From Market to Kitchen (Post, October 24, 2003, Page H01)
Return to Vietnam: Pham Van Tu left his war-torn homeland for America in 1975. This winter, he returned to Vietnam to show his children the country he once knew. (Post, March 11, 2001, Page E01)

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