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TRAVEL Q&A: Miami Vice-Less (Post, December 11, 2005)
THE UNBEATEN PATH: In Gainesville, Fla., No Swamp Thing (Post, October 23, 2005)
Postcard From Tom: Miami Beach (Post, October 16, 2005)
BEST BEACHES 101: Falling for the Beach (Post, September 11, 2005)
Fla. Panhandle: It's Always Something: After Sharks and Storms, Visitors Return to Gulf Coast (Post, July 31, 2005)
Where the Boys Are, Part 2: Watch out, South Beach. Fort Lauderdale is making its moves as a top gay spot. (Post, May 15, 2005)
hip pocket: Orlando's Thornton Park: Anything but Mousy (Post, May 8, 2005)
A Day at the Beach: Really. One day. Like, eight hours. In Florida. (Post, February 23, 2005)
SMART MOUTH: In Jacksonville, Chicken on the Fry (Post, January 30, 2005)
After the Storm: Southeast Florida: An Open and Shut Coast (Post, November 21, 2004)
After the Storm: Southwest Florida: Sanibel Island, Under Cover No More (Post, November 21, 2004)
After the Storm: Ala./Fla. Border: Sifting Through the White Sand (Post, November 21, 2004)
Orlando Lodging: An Orlando Bedtime Story (Post, November 7, 2004)
1 Park, 2 Perspectives: Staying On Campus vs. Off (Post, November 7, 2004)
Orlando by the Numbers: 25 Good Budget Bets (Post, November 7, 2004)
Tired of Hotels? B&Bs, Campsites and Rentals Await (Post, November 7, 2004)
Orlando Lodging: Where to Spend The Big Bucks (Post, November 7, 2004)
LAB REPORT: UNIVERSAL ORLANDO'S HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS: Scare Tactics in Florida: Surviving Universal's Fright Fest (Post, October 10, 2004)
LAB REPORT: Taking a Ride on the Autotrain (Post, June 13, 2004)
Disney World: The Kids' Choice: Of all the family vacation plans that get negotiated around a kitchen table, the most inevitable one is the pilgrimage to Disney (Post, May 16, 2004)
A Taste of Cuba . . . in Florida: In Miami and Key West, Searching for Authentic Island Cuisine (Post, March 7, 2004)
Sarasota by Segway: In Fla., Trading a Tour Bus for a Two-Wheeler (Post, January 11, 2004)
Boca Raton, Fla., via Site59: LAST-MINUTE SITES (Post, July 20, 2003)
You're a Good Sport, Mickey Mouse: At Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando, You Can Play Ball, or Tennis, or . . . (Post, August 24, 2003)
Battle of the Best-Kept Secrets (Post, January 19, 2003)

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