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in brief: in brief (Post, December 27, 2009)
Projects proposed (Post, December 27, 2009)
Ashburn Area (Post, December 22, 2009; 4:19 PM)
animalwatch: Animal Watch (Post, December 17, 2009)
To be or not to be decking the halls?: Supervisors to issue guidelines on displays after reversing a resident-led committee's ban (Post, December 10, 2009)
Not so jolly: Loudoun reins in its holiday display: New policy bans all decorations on courthouse lawn (Post, December 1, 2009)
Projects proposed (Post, November 29, 2009)
A grain of an idea has grown in Loudoun: Supervisors clear way for turning a concrete elevator in Bluemont into a cellphone tower (Post, November 12, 2009)
inbrief (Post, November 5, 2009)
Leesburg Police Report Rash of Car Break-Ins (Post, October 13, 2009; 11:35 AM)
Loudoun Lifts Ban On Weapons: Arms Can Be Taken To Public Parks (Post, October 8, 2009)
Bigger Homeless Shelter Strives For Intimate Feel: County Opens Energy-Efficient, Modern, Residential Facility (Post, October 4, 2009)
Tell-All Alcohol Monitor Won't Even Give Mouthwash a Break (Post, September 25, 2009)
Motion on Water Rates Is Denied: Leesburg Prevails In Latest Court Case (Post, September 20, 2009)
Leesburg Adopts New Water Rates: Nonresidents Get A One-Time Cut (Post, August 16, 2009)
LOUDOUN COUNTY: Man, 20, Died of Dog Bites, Officials Say (Post, August 12, 2009)
Two Pit Bulls Killed Leesburg Man, Police Say (Post, August 11, 2009; 5:15 PM)
Leesburg Won't Get Police Grant: Town Says It Needs To Bolster Patrols (Post, August 6, 2009)
Leesburg Plans Utility Rate Change: Out-of-Towners to Pay Less; Residents, More (Post, August 2, 2009)
Special Tax to Finance New Bridge in Greenlea: Community's Residents to Bear Cost of $400,000 Span (Post, June 21, 2009)
Most Who Sued Over Water Fees Hold Back on Bills (Post, June 18, 2009)
Leesburg Making Police More Visible in Communities (Post, June 11, 2009)
Ban on Adopting Pit Bulls To Stand: Loudoun Judge Rules in Lawsuit (Post, May 31, 2009)
LOUDOUN ANIMAL SHELTER: Two-Day Trial Challenges County's Policy on Euthanizing Pit Bulls (Post, May 7, 2009)
Leesburg Seeks More Time on New Water Fees: Judge Is Asked to Extend Deadline Until December (Post, May 7, 2009)

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