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Wounded robbery suspect shot at officer first, Prince George's police say (Post, December 10, 2010; 7:29 PM)
Prince George's police shoot robbery suspect in Seat Pleasant (Post, December 9, 2010; 11:48 PM)
Pr. George's police problems front and center for incoming county exec Baker (Post, December 2, 2010; 8:45 PM)
Suspect in death of Principal Brian Betts to plead guilty to accessory to murder (Post, November 27, 2010; 2:44 PM)
Principal Brian Betts's killer is sentenced to 40 years (Post, November 24, 2010; 12:24 AM)
Montgomery detectives make arrests in decades-old rape cases with DNA (Post, November 22, 2010; 8:51 PM)
Suspect in Betts slaying pleads guilty (Post, November 8, 2010; 7:54 PM)
Suspect is arrested in 2004 slaying of Waldorf man: Police think robbery was the motive in Thanksgiving shooting (Post, November 4, 2010)
: Pr. George's Man Guilty of Murdering Music Producer (Post, October 30, 2010; 12:12 AM)
Montgomery police have 'potential suspect' in death of AU professor (Post, October 27, 2010; 9:29 PM)
Prince George's police officer indicted (Post, October 27, 2010; 12:10 AM)
Prosecution of 'Teflon Defendant' progresses with indictment on PCP, gun charges (Post, October 21, 2010; 11:13 PM)
Bowie police to handle more criminal investigations: Long-term plan is for city to rely less on Prince George's force (Post, October 21, 2010)
Five from D.C. nightclub charged with assaulting man who died (Post, October 16, 2010; 9:33 PM)
Witness to D.C. beating says victim cried for mercy; 5 charged (Post, October 15, 2010; 10:50 PM)
'Teflon Defendant' walks straight into trouble (Post, October 9, 2010; 11:00 PM)
Man accused of fatally stabbing victim, using his credit card, held in D.C. jail (Post, September 25, 2010; 12:44 AM)
Crime looms as major issue in Prince George's state's attorney race: Chief of Pr. George's council among 5 vying for state's attorney (Post, September 10, 2010)
Detective's instincts, persistence led to husband's conviction in Md. slaying: Persistent detective tied husband to Prince George's slaying (Post, September 10, 2010)
D.C. officer pleads guilty in botched robbery: Second of five suspects says he never meant to kill his friend (Post, August 31, 2010)
Pr. George's man acquitted of murder on 4th try: Man acquitted in 2008's fatal shooting outside a Bladensburg nightclub (Post, August 18, 2010)
Mother questions police shooting: 3 wounded as officers confront an allegedly stolen van after chase (Post, August 14, 2010)
Officer in Pr. George's shoots and wounds 3: Men drove van toward partner at end of chase, authorities say (Post, August 13, 2010)
Slaying victim was no drug dealer, brother says: Denies his sister, among 4 killed in Lanham area, was living in squalor (Post, August 12, 2010)
Boy, 14, charged in teacher's death: Woman was beaten at detention facility in Pr. George's in February (Post, July 29, 2010)

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