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Virginia should lower the temperature of the debate on illegal immigration and look for ways to pass effective laws on the issue that don't run afoul of federal powers or re-legislate issues already addressed by the General Assembly, Prince William Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R) said Monday.
Manassas sex shop ordinance draws little public comment (Post, November 18, 2010; 9:57 PM)
Police take biggest hit in county budget cuts: Department will lose 8 vacant positions, part of school program (Post, October 7, 2010)
Residents ask: What comes first, chickens or the law?: County considers allowing raising fowl in some rural areas (Post, September 26, 2010)
Asphalt firm won't pursue appeal (Post, September 23, 2010)
Prince William man fatally shoots wife, self (Post, September 19, 2010)
CASA turns to 'children' to highlight their plight (Post, September 2, 2010)
County's rejection of asphalt plant is appealed: Company asks court to declare action 'arbitrary and capricious' (Post, August 29, 2010)
New Manassas police chief looks ahead (Post, July 8, 2010)
Health Department rejects hospital plans: Sentara withdraws Officials cite need in western Pr. William (Post, June 20, 2010)
County to study effects of health law on its budget: Concern about Medicaid expansion Some supervisors, residents call action premature and unneeded (Post, May 9, 2010)
A community seeking a helping hand gets 3,000: Youth church groups descend on Manassas for a day to spruce up Georgetown South neighborhood and kick off nationwide project (Post, May 2, 2010)
Stewart seeks study of county's costs in health overhaul (Post, April 22, 2010)
2 hospitals proposed in western end: Providers seek to expand State could approve one plan, both or neither (Post, April 11, 2010)
Construction of house in Clifton prompts concerns: Flooding and zoning questions stir debate among officials, coalition; property owner says he has done nothing wrong (Post, April 4, 2010)
County budget would provide less help for the helpers: Nonprofit groups despair over proposed 15 percent cut in funding as requests for assistance climb (Post, April 4, 2010)
Longtime Manassas police chief to retire: City leaders credit Skinner with building 'a highly professional, highly trained department' (Post, February 4, 2010)
Boys' basketball: Point guard leads Vikings over Bruins (Post, January 10, 2010)
Out in the cold: Homeless campers face special challenges, especially in wintertime; shelters are designed to offer assistance, but experts say tent living attracts loner personalities (Post, January 9, 2010)
A cancer survivor vs. a drug company: A Manassas Park woman who thinks hormone therapy caused the lump in her breast is taking her fight to court (Post, January 3, 2010)
Schools can say where trailers go: Supervisors end dispute Planning board had rejected some locations (Post, December 13, 2009)
Prince William man sentenced to 20 years for murdering ex-girlfriend (Post, November 6, 2009; 1:36 PM)
Teens found dead had been told to stop dating (Post, November 4, 2009; 11:18 AM)
Teens found fatally shot had been told to stop dating: Pr. William police think there was a suicide pact; stepfather perplexed (Post, November 4, 2009)
Va. girls report being assaulted after trick-or-treating (Post, November 2, 2009)
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