Japan Travel Stories

Who: Meghan Lyon and her husband, Vaughn Stewart, both 26, of Durham, N.C.
Exploring Naoshima, Japan's island of art (Post, November 22, 2009)
A Seafood Drama, From Start to Fin: Tokyo's Fish Market Has a Certain Lure (Post, September 6, 2009)
A New Wrinkle on Japanese Menus (Post, August 2, 2009)
Ramen Shops That'll Bowl You Over (Post, August 3, 2008)
Guides and Guidance in Kyoto: A $350 Bargain (Post, January 6, 2008)
SIDE ORDERS: At This Tokyo Spa, the Fish Food Is You (Post, August 5, 2007)
Tokyo Is Expensive: Well, it can be. Our reporter spent a week there for under $1,000 -- including air. And he only had to sleep in an Internet cafe once. (Post, June 25, 2006)
Naoshima, Japan: An Island on Exhibit (Post, February 12, 2006)
Japan's World Expo: The Future Is Here (Post, April 3, 2005)
Japan's Shiraishi: That Was Zen (Post, January 9, 2005)
Lard of the Rings: In Japan, It's Hard to Escape the Grip of the Sumos (Post, December 5, 2004)
SMART MOUTH: In Hiroshima, Will Flip for Okonomiyaki (Post, October 24, 2004)
Made in Kyoto: A shopping spree turns into a quest for Japan's finest art. (Post, August 3, 2003)
Following the Flute to Kyoto: The author had a passion for the Zen instrument, so he sought its master in Japan. (Post, August 4, 2002)

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