The Stem Cell Debate

On Aug. 9, 2001, President Bush banned federal funding for research on embryonic stem cells created after that date. Advocates of stem cell research are pushing Congress to remove many of the restrictions, but social conservatives are fighting to keep the president's policies in place.

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Stem-Cell Guidelines Are a Good Start (Post, June 3, 2009)
New Rules on Stem Cells Threaten Current Research (Post, May 25, 2009)
Compromise Rules Issued on Embryonic Stem Cells (Post, April 18, 2009)
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Obama's Order on Stem Cells Leaves Key Questions to NIH (Post, March 10, 2009)
Obama Reverses Bush Policy on Stem Cell Research: The Ban on Federal Funding Is Lifted (Post, March 10, 2009)
Stem Cell Questions: President Obama lifts the limits on federally funded research but puts off key moral questions. (Post, March 10, 2009)
U.S. Stem Cell Funds Freed; Md. Debates Its Own (Post, March 10, 2009)
Obama To Loosen Stem Cell Funding: Move Will Repeal Limits On Embryonic Research (Post, March 7, 2009)
Researchers Find Safer Way to Produce Stem Cell Alternative: Skin Cells Transformed Without Worrisome Use of Viruses (Post, March 2, 2009)
Scientists Await Action on Stem Cells: Some Proponents Had Expected Obama to Immediately Reverse Bush Policies (Post, February 19, 2009)
Government Approves Study Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells (Post, January 24, 2009)
THE AGENDA: Stem Cell Solution (By Ronald M. Green, November 12, 2008)
Stem Cell Firm Marks A Week of Milestones (Post, November 10, 2008)
Scientists Report Advance in Stem Cell Alternative (Post, September 26, 2008)
Dozens of Research Trials Explore Use of Stem Cells Against Diseases (Post, September 2, 2008)
State Weighs Tabling Stem Cell Funding (Post, February 22, 2008)
Lab Cites Stem Cell Advance: Method of Harvest Could Leave Embryos Undamaged (Post, January 11, 2008)
Scientists Cure Mice Of Sickle Cell Using Stem Cell Technique: New Approach Is From Skin, Not Embryos (Post, December 7, 2007)
If You Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research . . . (Post, December 5, 2007)
Taking Exception: Standing in the Way of Stem Cell Research (By Alan I. Leshner and James A. Thomson, December 3, 2007)
Stem Cell Vindication (By Charles Krauthammer, November 30, 2007)
Stem Cell Breakthrough: A new technology shows promise. (Post, November 24, 2007)
Stem Cells, the Right Way (By Michael Gerson, November 23, 2007)

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