The Price of Government Contracting

The cost to put a new kind of radiation monitor in place at borders and ports across the country would be far more than the Department of Homeland Security initially told Congress, according to budget documents and interviews with officials.
Government Cites Litany of Errors in Tanker Award (Post, June 26, 2008)
The Pentagon's Procurement Problem: Flawed Tanker Contract Is Part of Persistent Pattern, Analysts Say (Post, June 20, 2008)
Air Force Faulted Over Handling Of Tanker Deal: Audit Sustains Boeing's Protest of $40 Billion Award (Post, June 19, 2008)
Earmark Spending Makes a Comeback: Congress Pledged Curbs in 2007 (Post, June 13, 2008)
Government Probes at Least 7 Defense Contracts for Charities (Post, June 7, 2008)
McCain Campaign Calls; A Nonprofit Steps In (Post, May 31, 2008)
Doan Ends Her Stormy Tenure as GSA Chief: Resignation Comes at White House's Behest (Post, May 1, 2008)
Pentagon, FBI Probing Air Force Contracts: Questions Raised Over Noncompetitive Deal (Post, April 18, 2008)
When Public Advocates Line Up for Corporations: Back Story Over Air Force Deal Isn't Clear Cut (Post, April 3, 2008)
Centers Tap Into Personal Databases: State Groups Were Formed After 9/11 (Post, April 2, 2008)
National Dragnet Is a Click Away: Authorities to Gain Fast and Expansive Access to Records (Post, March 6, 2008)
DHS Tests of Radiation Detectors Were Inconclusive, Report Says (Post, March 5, 2008)
LexisNexis Parent Set to Buy ChoicePoint (Post, February 22, 2008)
Spies' Battleground Turns Virtual: Intelligence Officials See 3-D Online Worlds as Havens for Criminals (Post, February 6, 2008)
Millions in Earmarks Purchase Little of Use (Post, December 29, 2007)
A Contractor, Charity And Magnet for Federal Earmarks (Post, November 2, 2007)
Building Blackwater: Founder Seeks 'Better, Smarter, Faster' Security As History, Iraq Shape the Firm's Fortunes (Post, October 13, 2007)
Air Force Told to Detail No-Work Contract Deal (Post, October 6, 2007)
Air Force Arranged No-Work Contract: Experts Question Official's Deal With Nonprofit (Post, October 1, 2007)
Sun Cancels GSA Contract After Price Abuse Probe (Post, September 15, 2007)
House Committee Probes No-Bid Contract at DHS (Post, September 8, 2007)
Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise: Use of Favored Firms A Common Shortcut (Post, August 22, 2007)
Review of Radiation Detectors Questioned (Post, August 16, 2007)
Costs Skyrocket As DHS Runs Up No-Bid Contracts: $2 Million Security Project Balloons to $124 Million (Post, June 28, 2007)
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