The Price of Government Contracting

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Navy, GSA Say Contract Led to Waste, Maybe Fraud (Post, June 7, 2007)
Rules Skirted, Millions Wasted on Navy Boat Barriers (Post, May 24, 2007)
Changes Spurred Buying, Abuses: Taxpayers Overcharged Millions in Sun Deal, Auditor Says (Post, May 23, 2007)
GSA Briefing Now Part Of Wider Investigation (Post, April 24, 2007)
Waxman Seeks GSA Chief's Testimony: Letter Discloses New Allegations on No-Bid Job and Efforts to Help GOP (Post, March 7, 2007)
GSA Chief Grilled on GOP Political Presentation: Doan Tells Panel She Attended but Can't Recall Details (Post, March 29, 2007)
GSA Chief Is Accused of Playing Politics: Doan Denies 'Improper' Use of Agency for GOP (Post, March 26, 2007)
GSA Defends Administrator in Hill Inquiry: Agency Says Chief Takes Responsibility For No-Bid Order (Post, February 17, 2007)
House Panel Opens Investigation of GSA Chief's Deal With Friend (Post, January 20, 2007)
GSA Chief Scrutinized For Deal With Friend: No-Bid Contract A Mistake, She Says (Post, January 19, 2007)
Interior, Pentagon Faulted In Audits: Effort to Speed Defense Contracts Wasted Millions (Post, December 25, 2006)
Trio From Hill Ask GSA Head Not to Shift Audit Burden (Post, December 6, 2006)
GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits: Contract Oversight Would Be Reduced (Post, December 2, 2006)
Careless Contracting (November 25, 2006)
Report Finds DHS Lax on Contracting Procedures (Post, November 22, 2006)
Wife, Friend Tie Congressman to Consulting Firm: Company's Clients Say They Get Access to Va. Republican (Post, July 28, 2006)
A Critic in the Administration: 'It Was My Job to Maintain the Integrity' (Post, July 28, 2006)
Unisys Gets Extension On Security Contract: Firm Is Accused Of Overbilling TSA (Post, January 11, 2006)
Report Faults TSA Security Contracting: Airport-Screener Spending Ballooned (Post, January 5, 2006)
Post-9/11 Rush Mixed Politics With Security: Congressman Benefits From Homeland Security Spending (Post, December 25, 2005)
The Quest for Hometown Security: Rogers's Sway Over Security Spending Benefits 'Silicon Holler' (Post, December 25, 2005)
Contractor Accused Of Overbilling U.S.: Technology Company Hired After 9/11 Charged Too Much for Labor, Audit Says (Post, October 23, 2005)
Government Can't Explain Increase in 2002 TSA Contract: Homeland Security Office Says It Lacks Documentation on $343 Million Change (Post, October 9, 2005)
Subcontractor's Story Details Post-9/11 Chaos: New Company Had Little Oversight (Post, July 28, 2005)
The High Cost of a Rush to Security: TSA Lost Control of Over $300 Million Spent by Contractor to Hire Airport Screeners After 9/11 (Post, June 30, 2005)

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