Deep Throat Revealed
W. Mark Felt and Bob Woodward
Former FBI official W. Mark Felt, left, and The Post's Bob Woodward.
(Ken Feil/The Washington Post; Howard Moore/AP)
By Bob Woodward
A Chance Encounter, a Date With History
As a friendship -- and the Watergate story -- developed, W. Mark Felt remained a mystery to Bob Woodward. More than three decades later, Woodward tells how he met Felt, and how an inside source helped develop a young reporter and bring down a president.
A historical look a the Watergate story, from the break-in to the resignation of President Nixon.
The identity of Deep Throat, The Washington Post's key Watergate source, was almost revealed nearly three decades ago, according to Bob Woodward's new book on his relationship with W. Mark Felt.
Unlike many of the heroes and villains of the Watergate saga, W. Mark Felt defies easy pigeonholing; he is alternately presented as a courageous whistleblower and a symbol of overreaching ambition.
Bob Woodward
The Washington Post's Bob Woodward talks to's Ryan Thornburg about the revelation of Deep Throat's identity.
The secret source whose insider guidance was vital to The Washington Post's groundbreaking coverage of the Watergate scandal was a pillar of the FBI named W. Mark Felt.
From Outlook
The unmasking of former FBI official W. Mark Felt as Deep Throat has given the country a rare glimpse into the two separate spheres that coexist uneasily within the U.S. government. Let's call one of them Hidden World and the other Talk Show World.
Key Watergate Locations
Interactive Map
View panoramic images of key locations from the Watergate era, including the Watergate complex and the parking garage where Woodward met Deep Throat.
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