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American diplomats, aid workers and their families - evacuated from countries in turmoil - seek shelter in a nondescript apartment building in Falls Church, Va.
Jay Mathews: Amid the SAT-obsessed, this family doesn't live by the numbers (Post, March 13, 2011; 9:23 PM)
Md. Senate weighs bill to give in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants (Post, March 10, 2011; 12:19 AM)
Graduate School to launch 2nd campus on D.C.'s Southwest waterfront (Post, March 9, 2011; 10:43 PM)
Children of diplomats displaced by strife often caught between two worlds (Post, March 3, 2011; 7:24 PM)
Symbol of academic prowess isn't ready for its close-up (Post, March 1, 2011; 9:55 PM)
Synthetic marijuana widely used at Naval Academy, some midshipmen say (Post, February 28, 2011; 12:57 AM)
A University of Virginia student has a bright idea: 'Flash seminars' (Post, February 20, 2011; 10:43 PM)
Suicide turns attention to Fairfax discipline procedures (Post, February 20, 2011; 12:39 AM)
Cafeteria trays vanishing from colleges in effort to save food (Post, February 17, 2011; 10:38 PM)
At Maryland hearing on tuition bill, young illegal immigrants make emotional appeals (Post, February 16, 2011; 7:50 PM)
'Tolkien Professor' Corey Olsen brings Middle-earth to iTunes via podcasts (Post, February 11, 2011; 10:18 PM)
No more 'marriage gap' for college-educated women (Post, February 7, 2011; 1:54 PM)
Making room for Virginia's brightest in its best schools (Post, January 29, 2011; 11:45 PM)
Kaya Henderson, emerging from Rhee's shadow, faces new challenges (Post, January 28, 2011; 9:44 PM)
Naval Academy expels 7 in 'spice' case (Post, January 26, 2011; 11:24 PM)
UDC says community college at risk of cuts unless it gets $8 million from District (Post, January 25, 2011; 10:08 PM)
Librarian at D.C.'s Ballou High scrambles for books (Post, January 23, 2011; 6:38 PM)
GWU launches online prep school (Post, January 22, 2011; 6:31 PM)
At Tattoo Expo, they make the most of the skin they're in (Post, January 15, 2011; 10:30 PM)
George Washington University hires Nobel-winning biochemist Ferid Murad (Post, January 10, 2011; 10:45 PM)
Georgetown neighbors fighting new growth plan (Post, January 8, 2011; 10:11 PM)
Va. planetarium gets last-minute $100,000 donation that will help keep it open (Post, January 3, 2011; 7:39 PM)
The plight of the high school homeless (Post, December 27, 2010; 12:00 AM)
Low-achieving Va. high school turns crisis into challenge (Post, December 26, 2010; 7:36 PM)
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