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Cloned presidents, a plot to kill a queen, a big game that's lost on purpose — these are some of the mysteries you can solve if you sign up for KidsPost's 2005 Summer Book Club.

All of the books we've chosen for this summer are mysteries, but that's about the only thing they have in common. The settings include Elizabethan England, modern-day Washington and a fictional town called Echo Falls.

The mysteries involve puzzles called pentominoes, great works of art and parlor games. The books are thrilling and suspenseful but also funny. You might even learn something about art or history by reading them.

The Mystery at Blair House | An original KidsPost mystery

Grasping his lucky penny, Shane entered the passageway and found a clock. It murmured, "Help! Your mother sent my twin to her partner, Blair, letting him know I still exist. Your father made me to take over the world! I need a new pendulum to complete my plan; only you can help me because you are your father's son. Replace my pendulum and I'll reign forever!" Shane jammed his penny into the clock, breaking it.

"Someday, I will return," it shrieked.

"Not on my watch," smirked Shane.


-Isabella Herold, 11, Potomac

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"Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliett
A priceless painting disappears and it's up to classmates Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay to solve a crime that the FBI can't. Ages 10 and older.
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"Last Shot" by John Feinstein
Kid journalists Steven Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson must solve the mystery of why a star basketball player would throw the Final Four championship. Ages 10 and older.
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Capital Mysteries (series) by Ron Roy
From the author of the A to Z Mysteries, there are four books so far — all set in Washington. "Who Cloned the President?" is first in the series. Ages 7-10.
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"Laugh Till You Cry" by Joan Lowery Nixon
Cody Carter is 13 and stuck in Texas with his mom and sick grandmother. Life gets really tough when he becomes the main suspect in a crime committed at school. Ages 10 and older.
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"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Peter Abrahams
With soccer, school and her role in the play "Alice in Wonderland" keeping her busy, how will Ingrid Levin-Hill ever find the time to solve a murder? Ages 10 and older.
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Hardy Boys, Undercover Brothers (series) by Franklin W. Dixon
These are not your father's Hardy boys. Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy play extreme sports and battle environmental terrorists. Ages 8 and older.
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"Conspiracy" (Lady Grace Mysteries) by Patricia Finney
Can 13-year-old Lady Grace Cavendish save the queen of England from a plot to kill her? Ages 9 and older.
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"The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin
A millionaire's heirs must solve his murder — by playing the Westing Game — before they can collect their fortune. Ages 10 and older.
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