London Bombings | July 7, 2005
LEEDS, England -- The day before Shehzad Tanweer strapped on a backpack filled with explosives and made his way into London, he took part in a cherished British pastime: a pickup soccer match in a park here.
9 More Held in Second London Subway Attacks (Post, July 29, 2005, Page A16)
British Arrest Man Wanted in Transit Attacks: Suspect Subdued by Stun Gun in Raid (Post, July 28, 2005, Page A20)
In Britain, a Divide Over Racial Profiling: Mistaken Killing by Police Sets Off Debate (Post, July 27, 2005, Page A01)
2 British Suspects Came From Africa: One Got Housing Subsidy, Officials Say (Post, July 27, 2005, Page A18)
Metro Bolsters Staff Training On Security: More Frequent Instruction To Include Janitorial Crew (Post, July 27, 2005, Page B01)
Police in Britain Release Names Of Two Suspects: Authorities Raid North London Apartment (Post, July 26, 2005, Page A13)
British Pursue Link Between 2 Sets of Bombers: Police Apologize for Mistaken Killing (Post, July 25, 2005, Page A01)
London Police Head Expresses 'Deep Regret' for Bystander Shooting: Third Man Arrested in Bombing Investigation (Post, July 24, 2005; 4:12 PM)
Al Qaeda Leaders Seen in Control: Experts Say Radicals In London, Egypt May Have Followed Orders (Post, July 24, 2005, Page A01)
Man Shot Dead by British Police Was Innocent Brazilian Citizen: Bystander Mistaken for Suspect in Failed Bomb Attacks (Post, July 24, 2005, Page A24)
City Of the Future (By Joel Kotkin, July 24, 2005, Page B01)
King's Cross Station, London's Underground Zero: Stiff Upper Lips Replace Memorials At the Hub of the City's Sorrow (Post, July 24, 2005, Page D01)
London Police: Subway Shooting Not Connected to Attacks (Post, July 23, 2005; 12:57 PM)
British Police Kill Man on Train: Link to Abortive Attacks Is Cited; Two Men Arrested (Post, July 23, 2005; 6:01 AM)
British Police Kill Man On Train: Link to Abortive Attacks Is Cited (Post, July 23, 2005, Page A01)
Metro's Response To Alert Delayed: Riders Say Backpack Slow to Be Removed (Post, July 23, 2005, Page B01)
Editing Citizen Journalism (By Robert MacMillan, July 22, 2005; 9:30 AM)
London Hit Again With Explosions: Small Blasts on 3 Trains and a Bus Reminiscent of Deadly July 7 Attacks (Post, July 22, 2005, Page A01)
Metro Patrols Grow As Security Tightens: New York Police Begin Bag Searches (Post, July 22, 2005, Page A01)
Not Much Damage but Plenty of Uncertainty and Fear (Post, July 22, 2005, Page A17)
Authorities Probe Pakistani Linked To Plot in Oregon: Records Show Calls From July 7 Bombers (Post, July 22, 2005, Page A17)
British Social Secretary Shows How 'We Can Work It Out' (By Nora Boustany, July 22, 2005, Page A20)
Britain Will Act to Bar Terrorist Sympathizers: New Measures Also Intended to Expand Deportations (Post, July 21, 2005, Page A18)
Suspected Extremists Rounded Up In Pakistan; Cairo Clears Chemist (Post, July 20, 2005, Page A14)
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