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Consumer Issues

As the consumer reporter for The Post, Mayer covers a wide variety of issues, from marketing scams and misleading ads to credit- card solicitations and product-safety concerns. Many of her recent stories focus on marketing campaigns and products aimed at kids. Her nine- month investigation of Underwriters Laboratories won the University of Missouri School of Journalism's Lifestyle award in 2001.
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Soon, schoolchildren may be singing new lyrics to the classic "Wheels on the Bus."
Banks Honor Bogus Checks and Scam Victims Pay (Post, June 1, 2006, Page A01)
Stamps to Become a Marketing Vehicle (Post, May 24, 2006, Page D01)
Sugary Drinks To Be Pulled From Schools: Industry Agrees to Further Limit Availability to Children (Post, May 3, 2006, Page D01)
Restraint Urged In Junk-Food Ads Aimed at Kids (Post, May 3, 2006, Page D01)
Group Sues Video Firms On Tot-Learning Claims (Post, May 2, 2006, Page D03)
Debt Collectors Seek To Auto-Dial Cellphones (Post, April 19, 2006, Page D02)
Hazardous Egg Reappears on Store Shelves (Post, April 14, 2006, Page D01)
Toy Remains in Stores After Child's Death (Post, April 1, 2006, Page D01)
Netflix Settlement Gets Reworked After Protests (Post, March 22, 2006, Page D03)
Geico's Risk Criteria Challenged: Insurer Denies That Education and Occupation Are Used to Discriminate (Post, March 21, 2006, Page D01)
Drive to Shred Documents Puts Kids and Pets at Risk (Post, March 9, 2006, Page D01)
'Phishing' Season For Tax Scammers: IRS Warns Public Of Phony E-Mails (Post, February 25, 2006, Page A01)
Counties Sending Check Bouncers to School: But Practice Has Drawn Critics, Who Say Classes May Violate Law (Post, February 21, 2006, Page A01)
FTC Chief Calls for Disclosures on Gift Cards (Post, February 18, 2006, Page D01)
Bank Gift Cards Come Wrapped With Limits: Consumers Rankled By Obscure Charges, Rules (Post, February 17, 2006, Page D01)
CPSC Passes Mattress Standard That Should Limit Consumer Suits (Post, February 17, 2006, Page D02)
Rules Would Limit Lawsuits: U.S. Agencies Seek To Preempt States (Post, February 16, 2006, Page D01)
Federal Web Search Upgraded: Contractor-Run Service Boasts Answers in a Click or Two (Post, February 15, 2006, Page A19)
A New Way to Fight Junk-Food Ads: Groups to Use Consumer-Protection Laws in Suit Against Kellogg, Viacom (Post, January 19, 2006, Page D03)
Protests Put Netflix Settlement On Hold (Post, January 18, 2006, Page D01)
Bankruptcy Counseling Law Doesn't Deter Filings (Post, January 17, 2006, Page A01)
IRS Revoking Exemptions Of Credit Counselors: Firms Make Up Most of Industry (Post, January 13, 2006, Page D01)
AmeriDebt Founder Faces Trial Next Week: FTC Alleges Misuse Of Tax-Exempt Status (Post, January 2, 2006, Page D01)
AmeriDebt Founder's Wife Settles FTC Probe (Post, December 31, 2005, Page D01)
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