Background on the Plame Investigation

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Libby Jury Is Chosen; Arguments Set to Start (Post, January 23, 2007)
In Libby Trial, Big Names Make Jury Picks a Tall Order: Shallow Pool Teems With Ties to Players (Post, January 18, 2007)
Jurors Questioned About War, Memory as Libby Trial Opens (Post, January 17, 2007)
Key Players in the CIA Leak Investigation (, January 16, 2007; 3:00 PM)
At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight (Post, January 15, 2007)
Cheney Willing to Testify at Libby Trial: Defense Says It Will Call Vice President (Post, December 20, 2006)
Judge Excludes Memory Expert From Libby Trial (Post, November 3, 2006)
Libby Plans to Testify at His CIA Leak Trial (Post, September 23, 2006)
Ex-Cheney Aide Handed Initial Victory (AP, September 21, 2006; 7:12 PM)
Novak Accuses Plame Source Of Distortion: Armitage Minimizes Role In Leak; Columnist Differs (Post, September 14, 2006)
Armitage Says He Was Source of CIA Leak: He Says He Did Not Know Covert Status (Post, September 8, 2006)
Ex-Colleague Says Armitage Was Source of CIA Leak (Post, August 29, 2006)
Couple Reiterate Claims They Were Punished (Post, July 15, 2006)
Vice President Sued by Plame And Husband: Ex-CIA Officer Alleges Leak Of Her Name Was Retaliatory (Post, July 14, 2006)
Novak Says He Named 3 Sources in Leak Case (Post, July 12, 2006)
Fall Elections Are Rove's Next Test: Reputation as Architect of Victory at Stake (Post, June 17, 2006)
Bush Reaffirms His Confidence in Rove: Critics Say Aide's Role In Leak Calls For Accountability (Post, June 15, 2006)
Rove Will Not Be Charged In CIA Leak Case, Lawyer Says (Post, June 14, 2006)
The Criminal Investigation (, June 13, 2006; 10:03 AM)
Libby Suffers Setback In Document Request: Judge Calls Certain Papers Immaterial (Post, June 3, 2006)
Time Ordered to Give Internal Documents to Libby (Post, May 27, 2006)
Filings in CIA Leak Case Paint Cheney as Determined to Counter Critic (Post, May 27, 2006)

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