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China Answers Bird Flu Critics (Post, October 29, 2005)
Silver Flu Bullets (By Anne Applebaum, October 26, 2005)
When Spouse Retires, Real Work Begins (By Abigail Trafford, October 25, 2005)
U.N. Urging Indonesia to Take Stronger Action Against Bird Flu (Post, October 23, 2005)
Europe Maps Out the Threat of Advancing Bird Flu (Post, October 21, 2005)
Indonesia Neglected Bird Flu Until Too Late, Experts Say (Post, October 20, 2005)
Bird Flu: How Big A Threat?: Some Pandemic Fears More Realistic Than Others (Post, October 18, 2005)
Bird Flu Virus That Is Drug-Resistant Is Found in Vietnamese Girl (Post, October 15, 2005)
EU Says Deadly Asia Bird Flu Found in Turkey (Post, October 14, 2005)
Changes Cited in Bird Flu Virus: Deadly Strain Acquiring Mutations Similar to Those in Reconstructed 1918 Virus (Post, October 6, 2005)
Avian Flu Virus Growing Similar to Lethal 'Spanish Flu': Researchers Have Reconstructed the 1918 Virus (Post, October 5, 2005; 4:21 PM)
Indonesia Braces for Bird Flu Epidemic: Health Minister Issues Warning as Two More Suspected Cases End in Death (Post, September 22, 2005)
Bird Flu Suspected at Big Russian Farm: Presence of Deadly Virus, if Verified, Would Be the Nation's Biggest Outbreak (Post, August 21, 2005)
Bird Flu Could Be Stopped -- If Everything Is Aligned Right (Post, August 4, 2005)
Bird Flu Deaths Sow Panic In Wealthy Jakarta Suburb: Officials Have Not Found Source of Outbreak (Post, July 25, 2005)
Unknown Illness Kills Nine Chinese Farmers: Deaths Could Be Linked to Outbreaks of Bird Flu in Nine Asian Countries (Post, July 24, 2005)
Indonesia Reports Its First Known Human Fatalities From Bird Flu Virus (Post, July 21, 2005)
China Has Not Shared Crucial Data On Bird Flu Outbreaks, Officials Say (Post, July 19, 2005)
Deadly Flu Strain Shows Up in Migratory Birds: Scientists' Discovery Gives Rise to Fears the Virus Could Spread Beyond East Asia (Post, July 7, 2005)
China Denies Promoting Use of Drug on Chickens (Post, June 22, 2005)
U.N. Presses China on Bird Flu Drug (Post, June 21, 2005)
Chinese Bird Flu Treatment Practices Questioned (Post, June 20, 2005; 1:36 PM)
Bird Flu Drug Rendered Useless: Chinese Chickens Given Medication Made for Humans (Post, June 18, 2005)
Indonesia Confirms Bird Flu in Human: Worker Is First to Test Positive There (Post, June 16, 2005)
Indonesia Reports Human Bird Flu Case: Farm Worker Is Country's First Human Infected by Virus (Post, June 15, 2005; 8:54 AM)

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