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Trial Updates from Houston

Enron Headquarters (AP)
  Enron headquarters. (AP)

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Carrie Johnson discussed Jeffrey Skilling's sentencing in a live discussion on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Enron Executives Convicted

Kenneth Lay

Kenneth L. Lay

Enron's founder and former chief executive was found guilty of all 10 charges against him -- covering conspiracy, false statements, securities fraud and bank fraud -- in two separate trials. Jurors said Lay's combative courtroom demeanor contrasted with his grandfatherly, genial public image and did little to counter the prosecutors' attack on his credibility. In July, Lay died of heart disease, before his sentencing. After his death, a judge revoked his conviction.

Jeffrey K. Skilling

Jeffrey K. Skilling

Painted by prosecutors as a mastermind of massive fraud, Enron's former chief executive was found guilty of 18 counts of conspiracy, money laundering and securities fraud and one count of insider trading, but innocent of nine other counts of insider trading. During his testimony, Skilling failed to explain personal stock trades and displayed memory lapses about key events. On Oct. 23, Skilling was sentenced to 24 years, four months in prison.

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