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ACCRA, Ghana -- Simon Emmanuel, 11, reported for work at 9 a.m., to a scene that looked like something out of the apocalypse.
Time Zones: For Relatives of Detainees, Visits Bring Mostly More Worries and Anxieties (Post, July 12, 2009)
Time Zones: Summoning The Solstice Sun (Post, June 24, 2009)
For the Piano Man of Baghdad, What Will Be, Will Be (Post, June 11, 2009)
Ordinary Moments in a Once-Unpredictable Place: Two Hours at a Baghdad Shawarma Stand (Post, March 18, 2009)
An Iraqi City Divided, and Defined, by Its Walls: An Hour at a Crowded Baghdad Checkpoint Reveals Pervasive Nature of Capital's Hated Barriers (Post, December 31, 2008)
Cash-Strapped Consumers Find a Way Into Driver's Seats (Post, December 21, 2008)
Time Zones: Travelers Cleanse the Soul, And the Ears, in Holy City (Post, October 19, 2008)
Time Zones: At One Georgian Cafe, a Beloved Ritual of Table-Pounding, Arm-Flailing Debate (Post, October 16, 2008)
Time Zones: 2 1/2 Hours at a Bengal Bazaar: History, Heritage and a Few Hundred Sheep In Kolkata's 'Neighborhood of Books' (Post, September 24, 2008)
Religion and Science Blend in a Centuries-Old Ritual (Post, August 31, 2008)
Time Zones: On Patrol to Prevent Hazing (Post, August 9, 2008)
Time Zones: Aficionados Lament That Their Beloved Bollywood Works Get No Respect (Post, July 28, 2008)
TIME ZONES: Goa's Hippie-Era Holdover Is a Shopping Dream (Post, July 14, 2008)
Time Zones: Three Hours in a Moscow Banya: Where Spirits Lift On Billows of Steam (Post, July 13, 2008)
In a Centuries-Old Plaza, the Quiet Hum of Electric Typewriters: An Hour or So With a Mexican Scribe (Post, June 13, 2008)
TIME ZONES | TWO HOURS WITH A BRITISH POP STAR -- IN IRAN: Appealing to a Country's Heart With Good Old-Fashioned Charm (Post, May 30, 2008)
TIME ZONES: A Morning With a Street Vendor in Niger: The Marketplace Where Everybody Knows Her Name (Post, April 28, 2008)
An Afternoon at a Pakistani Multiplex: A Plush, Cool Escape Into the Fanciful World of Bollywood (Post, April 21, 2008)
2 1/2 Hours of Amity and Archery in Bhutan: Weekends in the Field, Where Play Is the Point (Post, April 10, 2008)
Time Zones: Friday Night at a Mumbai Hot Spot: Where the Glitterati Go to Listen, Hip-Hop Meets Indian Classical (Post, March 11, 2008)
Gripes and Goodwill In a 4-Bunk Sleeping Car (Post, March 9, 2008)
Hurtling Through Centuries of Heritage (Post, February 13, 2008)
Time Zones: Two Hours on London's Billionaires' Row: At a Top-Drawer Bash, Blini, Bubbly and Gorby (Post, January 31, 2008)
TIME ZONES: Four Hours in Mumbai With a Teenage Extra: In the Widening World of Reality TV, Being a 'Crowd' Is No Easy Job (Post, January 29, 2008)
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