Iraq's Government

BAGHDAD -- Nearly three months after the March 7 parliamentary elections Iraq's federal court has ratified the results in a major step toward forming Iraq's next government.
Clinton urges Iraq to 'speedily' form government (Post, April 27, 2010; 7:27 PM)
Iraq reports arrest of al-Qaeda mastermind in '09 bombings (Post, April 22, 2010; 5:09 PM)
D.C. area Iraqis slow to vote in homeland's elections (Post, March 5, 2010; 2:20 PM)
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Maliki, lawmakers trade accusations: FOCUS ON LETHAL BLASTS
Iraqi premier says his forces lack funding
(Post, December 11, 2009)
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Iraqi Authorities to Remove Capital's Blast Walls (Post, August 6, 2009)
Iraqi Raid Poses Problem for U.S.: Fighting Continues at Camp for Iran Exiles (Post, July 30, 2009)
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France Hopes to Jump-Start Its Arms Sales With New Iraqi Government (Post, July 4, 2009)
Anxious Oil Giants Pass on Iraq: On Day of Auctions to Develop Fields, the Country Strikes Just One Deal (Post, July 1, 2009)
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U.S. Says Iraq Is Withholding Key Detainee: April Showed Spike in Deaths of American Troops (Post, May 2, 2009)
Arrests in Iraq Seen as Politically Motivated: Government Offers Contradictory Explanations for Interior Ministry Detentions (Post, December 19, 2008)
Britain to Double Compensation for War Wounded (Post, December 16, 2008)
Official Report Faults Iraq Reconstruction: Draft Cites Massive Waste, Bad Planning (Post, December 15, 2008)
3 Deadly Blasts Hit Iraq Ahead of Security Pact Vote (Post, November 25, 2008)
U.S. Airstrike Allegedly Kills 8 Inside Syria (Post, October 27, 2008)
Security Boosted Around Mosul: Spate of Violence Against Iraqi Christians Spreads Panic (Post, October 13, 2008)
A Delicate Changing of the Guard: Nerves on Edge Among Sunni 'Sons of Iraq' as They Report to Shiite-Led Government (Post, October 2, 2008)
Violence Declines Further in Iraq: Pentagon Report Cites Factors That Could Rekindle Attacks (Post, October 1, 2008)
Odierno Assumes Command From Petraeus in Iraq (Post, September 17, 2008)
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