Stem Cell Research

Robert G. Edwards's breakthrough development of in vitro fertilization, which led to the birth of the first "test-tube baby," Louise Brown, in 1978, gave humanity the power to do what previously was considered the province of God: create and manipulate human life.
Robert Edwards wins 2010 Nobel prize in medicine for in-vitro fertizilation (Post, October 4, 2010; 11:08 PM)
Judge blocks stem cell rules: MAJOR SETBACK FOR RESEARCH
Administration cannot fund embryonic testing
(Post, August 24, 2010)
Life in Henry's wake: Laurie Strongin won't let her firstborn's death be a total loss (Post, March 25, 2010)
Military health facilities to begin stocking morning-after pill (Post, February 5, 2010; 9:12 AM)
U.S. set to fund more stem cell study: NEW LINES APPROVED
'Today's announcement is the first wave'
(Post, December 3, 2009)
Rules on Stem Cell Research Are Eased: More Lines Eligible For Federal Funding (Post, July 7, 2009)
N.Y. to Pay for Eggs for Stem Cell Research: Policy Is a First Among States; Critics Fear That Women Will Be Exploited (Post, June 26, 2009)
Compromise Rules Issued on Embryonic Stem Cells (Post, April 18, 2009)
Friendly Fire (By Howard Kurtz, March 11, 2009; 10:07 AM)
Science vs. Ethics? (, March 10, 2009; 12:00 AM)
RePosted: Stem Cell Vindication (, January 16, 2009; 3:53 PM)
Vatican Ethics Guide Stirs Controversy: Church Decries Stem Cell Research, Infertility Treatments (Post, December 13, 2008)
California Voters Narrowly Approve Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Limits on Abortion Rejected in Colorado And South Dakota (Post, November 6, 2008)
Hybrid Embryo Research Endorsed (Post, May 20, 2008)
Head vs. Heart in the Abortion Debate: An abortionist defends her practice; two philosophers defend the fetus. (Post, January 20, 2008)
Mature Human Embryos Created From Adult Skin Cells (Post, January 18, 2008)
Lab Cites Stem Cell Advance: Method of Harvest Could Leave Embryos Undamaged (Post, January 11, 2008)
States Assess Breakthrough On Stem Cells: Those With Big Investments Vow to Continue Research (Post, November 22, 2007)
Stem Cell Breakthrough Defuses Debate (AP, November 21, 2007; 2:19 AM)
Advance May End Stem Cell Debate: Labs Create a Stand-In Without Eggs, Embryos (Post, November 21, 2007)
A Scientific Advance, a Political Question Mark (Post, November 21, 2007)
Monkey Embryos Cloned for Stem Cells (Post, November 15, 2007)
The Larger Narrative (By Howard Kurtz, November 9, 2007; 8:25 AM)
Disgraced Scientist Moves Research Base (AP, September 19, 2007; 8:30 PM)
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