Remembering Challenger: 20 Years Later
This November 1985 file provided by NASA shows the crew of the doomed US space shuttle Challenger
The crew of the space shuttle Challenger. From left to right: Ellison Onizuka, Mike Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Greg Jarvis, Ron McNair and Judy Resnick.
The space shuttle Challenger, carrying six astronauts and schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, exploded in a burst of fire 74 seconds after liftoff yesterday, killing all seven aboard and stunning a world made witness to the event by television.
President Reagan: A Tribute To Seven Heroes' 'Special Spirit' (Post, January 29, 1986, Page A4)
Tragedy Is Worst In 25 Years of Manned Missions: 3 Astronauts Died in 1967 Fire During Launch Pad Rehearsal (Post, January 29, 1986, Page A16)
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'The Shuttle's Blown Up!': Numbing News Reaches Reagan During State-of-Union Briefing (Post, January 29, 1986, Page A4)
Hometowns Grieve For Seven 'Pioneers': 'A Diversity of Races, Sexes and Vocations' (Post, January 29, 1986, Page A8)
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McAuliffe: Teacher on 'Ultimate Field Trip' (Post, January 28, 1986, Page A10)
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Silent Scenes of Tragedy Transfix the Nation: Senators Seemed Struck by The Inadequacy of Words to Express Their Shock and Sorrow (Post, January 29, 1986, Page A7)
The Lights of America's Mourning: Communities Across Nation Grope for Ways to Express Grief (Post, January 30, 1986, Page A1)
Space Disaster Probe Opens: Some Shuttle Debris Recovered; Flight Data Impounded (Post, January 30, 1986, Page A1)
Rechecking Shards of Challenger's Nervous System: Close Analysis of Taped Sensor Transmissions Could Speed the Answers (Post, January 30, 1986, Page A16)
Shuttle Boosters Like A Controlled Bomb: Experts Cite Probable Fuel Leak (Post, January 30, 1986, Page A1)
Shuttle Fuselage Section Recovered: Thousands Of Pieces Seen at Sea (Post, January 31, 1986, Page A1)
Film Implicates Solid-Fuel Booster: Footage Reveals 'Plume' Appeared About 14 Seconds Before Blast (Post, February 2, 1986, Page A1)
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Reagan Picks Shuttle Panel: Armstrong, Yeager Among 12 to Take Over Probe (Post, February 4, 1986, Page A1)
Prelaunch Chill Was Discounted: Thiokol Consultation Brought a Go-Ahead, NASA Tells Probers (Post, February 7, 1986, Page A1)
Rocket Seals Failed Twelve Times in Past: Backup Prevented A Burn-Through (Post, February 10, 1986, Page A1)
NASA Knew Seals Could Fail: 1982 Report Warned of Potential Shuttle Booster Disaster (Post, February 13, 1986, Page A1)
Analysis: Soul-Searching, Anguish Grip Space Agency (Post, February 18, 1986, Page A1)
O-Ring Seals Were Below Freezing: NASA Finding Supports Theory of Failure (Post, February 24, 1986, Page A3)
Remains of Crew Of Shuttle Found: Strong Winds, Currents Hamper Recovery (Post, March 10, 1986, Page A1)
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