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Bush Seeks More Funds for AIDS Fight: President Meets With Religious Groups Involved in Battle Against the Disease (Post, December 1, 2007)
Let's Unite Against HIV-AIDS (By Laura Bush, December 1, 2007)
Reporter Gets Circumcised to Fight AIDS (AP, November 30, 2007; 3:22 PM)
Protest, Forums To Mark AIDS Day: Commemoration Comes After Sweeping Report On Infection Rate in D.C. (Post, November 30, 2007)
Clinton Urges Sweeping Action on AIDS (AP, November 29, 2007; 11:21 PM)
U.N. to Cut Estimate Of AIDS Epidemic: Population With Virus Overstated by Millions (Post, November 20, 2007)
Obituaries: R. Scott Hitt; Doctor Led Presidential AIDS Panel (Post, November 10, 2007)
Failure of AIDS Shot Linked to Cold Virus (Post, November 8, 2007)
Delegates to Discuss Combatting TB, AIDS (AP, November 7, 2007; 8:15 PM)
Rethinking AIDS Strategy After a String of Failures: In Wake of Canceled Vaccine Study, Some Experts Are Reemphasizing Proven, Low-Tech Prevention Methods (Post, November 1, 2007)
Warning Is Sent to AIDS Vaccine Volunteers: S. Africans Among Recipients Who May Be at Higher Risk of Contracting Virus (Post, October 25, 2007)
Taking Exception: AIDS Prevention: What Works? (By Daniel Halperin, October 22, 2007)
Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths (AP, October 17, 2007; 2:05 PM)
Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths (AP, October 16, 2007; 11:05 PM)
Still Losing the AIDS Fight (By Richard Holbrooke, October 9, 2007)
Taylor Sparkles at AIDS Fundraiser (AP, September 28, 2007; 3:28 PM)
U.N. Urges Quadrupling of Global AIDS Spending to Meet 2010 Treatment Goal (Post, September 26, 2007)
Provinces Undermine Beijing's Goals on AIDS (Post, September 19, 2007)
HIV/AIDS Patients Find Other Options: Takoma Park Clinic Closed 2 Years Ago (Post, August 30, 2007)
AIDS Activists Rally in S.Africa (AP, August 29, 2007; 10:00 PM)
HIV/AIDS Patients Seeking Options: Departure of Clinic Creates Void in County (Post, August 23, 2007)
Study Challenges Claim on AIDS Remedies (AP, August 22, 2007; 4:11 PM)
AIDS Fight in Asia Hurt by Instability (AP, August 22, 2007; 9:45 AM)
Anti-AIDS Program To Fund Circumcision: U.S. Initiative Targets African Men (Post, August 20, 2007)
Local Contracts: 3 Area Firms to Compete For HIV/AIDS Relief Work (Post, August 20, 2007)

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