Haitian Elections | Feb. 7, 2006
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Saurel Beaujour, a sprightly man with dark brown eyes and a lightning-quick smile, runs an HIV help center here in the cramped urban core of the Western Hemisphere's worst national AIDS problem.
Haiti's Preval Claims Fraud Spoiled His Win: Protesters Calmed by Words of Leading Contender (Post, February 15, 2006, Page A14)
Haitians Angry Over Election Take to Streets: Mobs Paralyze Cities, Block Major Roads (Post, February 14, 2006, Page A01)
After Chaotic Start in Haiti, Election Lurches Forward: In First Ballot Since Ouster of Aristide, Voters Overwhelm Polling Sites (Post, February 8, 2006, Page A11)
Quiet but Not Necessarily Calm in Haiti: On Eve of Election, Fear of Violence Remains Palpable (Post, February 7, 2006, Page A15)

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