The Final Verdict
Al-Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui will spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison for his role in the Sept. 11 attacks after a federal jury rejected the government's four-year quest to secure his execution for the deadliest terrorist strike on U.S. soil.
2nd Week of Moussaoui Deliberations Begin (AP, May 1, 2006; 2:42 PM)
Juror Illness Causes Delay In Moussaoui Deliberations (Post, April 28, 2006, Page A06)
Moussaoui, Shoe Bomber Link Called 'Highly Unlikely' by FBI (Post, April 21, 2006, Page A03)
Horror Takes the Stand At the Moussaoui Trial (Post, April 7, 2006, Page A01)
Juror Looks Up Word and Finds Trouble: Moussaoui Judge Decides Research at Home Wasn't Intentional Violation of Order (Post, April 29, 2006, Page A08)
Moussaoui Shouts His Intention to Take the Stand (Post, March 24, 2006, Page A04)
Attorney Describes 9/11 Lawyer as 'Vilified': Martin Is Placed on Leave During Investigation of Her Conduct in Moussaoui Case (Post, March 17, 2006, Page A07)
Prosecutors Scramble to Salvage 9/11 Case After Ruling (Post, March 16, 2006, Page A10)
Judge Halts Terror Trial: Lawyer E-Mailed Court Transcripts To 7 Witnesses (Post, March 14, 2006, Page A01)
Flight Instructor Recalls Unease With Moussaoui: Warnings About Suspect to School's Supervisor Were Ignored, Pilot Testifies (Post, March 10, 2006, Page A02)
Witness Ties Moussaoui To 'Dream' Terror Plot: Taped Session Recalls Meeting in Malaysia (Post, March 9, 2006, Page A03)
Moussaoui Unfazed as 9/11 Attacks Detailed: Defendant Smiles as Prosecutor Describes Doomed Flight During Death Penalty Trial (Post, March 8, 2006, Page A07)
Jury Pool Is Set in Trial for Moussaoui: Final Panel To Decide on Death Penalty (Post, February 25, 2006, Page B04)
Questioning of Jurors Begins in Moussaoui Penalty Trial (Post, February 16, 2006, Page A07)
Moussaoui's Ejection Highlights Judges' Authority (Post, February 8, 2006, Page A06)
9/11 Families to Watch Moussaoui Face Fate: As Penalty Phase Begins, Some Hope For His Death, Others Simply for Closure (Post, February 6, 2006, Page A01)
Moussaoui Trial Offers Close View for a Few (Post, December 29, 2005, Page VA03)
Jurors Might See All 9/11 Victims' Photos: With Relatives' Testimony, Moussaoui Prosecutors Want to Describe Lives of 45 (Post, December 7, 2005, Page A14)
Terrorism Trial's Strategies Revealed: Moussaoui Has Said He Wants to Testify (Post, November 14, 2005, Page A01)
Moussaoui's Prosecutors Draft Slew of Questions for Jury Pool (Post, November 29, 2005, Page B04)
Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report (Post, April 30, 2005, Page A02)
Moussaoui Pleads Guilty in 9/11 Plot: Frenchman Says Bin Laden Commanded Him to Attack White House After 9/11 (Post, April 23, 2005)
Questions Linger on Moussaoui's Role in 9/11 (Post, April 23, 2005, Page A11)
A Mix of Ordinary, Drama at Courthouse: Judge, Moussaoui Are Cordial, Combative (Post, April 23, 2005, Page A11)
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