Spying at Home

Headlights approach on an empty road. A government agent steps out of an armored SUV, carrying a locked, black satchel.
U.S. sending aerial drone to Texas as part of border effort (Post, June 24, 2010)
New Cyber Command chief warns of possible attacks: U.S. military networks in war zones could be targeted, Alexander says (Post, June 4, 2010)
Clapper is front-runner for intelligence post (Post, May 22, 2010)
For Obama, weekly tutorials in terrorism: Briefings explore short-term threats, long-term strategies (Post, May 6, 2010)
THE THREAT: Counterterrorism system continues to raise questions (Post, May 5, 2010)
Times Square video shows possible suspect: OBAMA PRAISES POLICE
Officials closely monitor airports in Northeast
(Post, May 3, 2010)
Intelligence insider spells out DNI model's flaws (Post, April 6, 2010)
NSA eavesdropping was illegal, judge says: Two attorneys who filed lawsuit may receive damages (Post, April 1, 2010)
As missions are added, Stratcom commander keeps focus on deterrence (Post, March 30, 2010)
Work to cease on 'virtual fence' along U.S.-Mexico border (Post, March 16, 2010)
With 'JihadJane,' a new kind of threat: American plotted terrorism, recruited online, prosecutors say (Post, March 10, 2010)
Drone pilots rise on winds of change in Air Force: The venerable aviator may take a back seat to invulnerable technicians working on the ground (Post, February 28, 2010)
Man pleads guilty in plot to bomb New York subway (Post, February 23, 2010)
As U.S. pursues al-Qaeda, more kills and fewer captures: Critics say intelligence opportunities are being lost without terrorist detentions (Post, February 14, 2010)
Coast Guard commandant says cuts will hurt: Allen to warn that Obama's budget could affect readiness (Post, February 12, 2010)
Agency by agency: President Obama used his budget proposal to promote initiatives at some agencies, including the departments of Veterans Affairs and Justice. But other agencies would have significant declines, including the Labor Department, whose falling budget reflects the end of much of the economic stimulus spending. (Post, February 2, 2010)
U.S. playing a key role in Yemen attacks: PROVIDING DATA, WEAPONS
Six top leaders of al-Qaeda affiliate killed
(Post, January 27, 2010)
Security forces prepare for Olympic Games: U.S. aids Canada's effort to ensure safety during high-profile global event (Post, January 23, 2010)
FBI oversight is faulted by inspector general: Study says privacy laws were violated in pursuit of phone records (Post, January 21, 2010)
Better airport security likely to mean less privacy: NEW DEVICES, DATABASES
Experts say oversight would have to improve
(Post, December 30, 2009)
Government documents reveal improper spying on Nation of Islam: Homeland Security rules are more rigorous now, spokesman says (Post, December 17, 2009)
Probe of Homeland Security privacy office sought: Group says chief is enabling, not curbing, surveillance (Post, October 27, 2009)
Partial Patriot Act Extension Is Approved by Senate Panel (Post, October 9, 2009)
Obama Team Says Zazi Case Illustrates Balanced Approach to Terror Threat (Post, October 6, 2009)
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