The Muhammad Cartoon Controversy

Muhammad can't show his face around Comedy Central. Yet the network considers a cartoon Christ and sees that it is good.
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Christians Turn on Muslims In Nigeria; More Than 30 Die (Post, February 23, 2006)
At D.C. Embassy, Protesters Rally Against Danish Cartoons (Post, February 19, 2006)
Pakistani Cleric Announces Bounty For Killing of Danish Cartoonists (Post, February 18, 2006)
40,000 in Karachi Protest Cartoons of Muhammad (Post, February 17, 2006)
Pakistani Police Halt Cartoon Protesters Near Governor's House (Post, February 14, 2006)
Vandals in Denmark Strike Muslim Graves (Post, February 13, 2006)
Muslim Crowds Decry Cartoons, Violent Retort (Post, February 12, 2006)
Muslims' Fury Rages Unabated Over Cartoons: Demonstrators in 13 Countries Ignore Leaders' Appeals, Newspaper's Apology (Post, February 11, 2006)
Danish Premier Faults Iran, Syria: Governments Using Cartoon Controversy as 'Distraction' From Their Own Crises, He Says (Post, February 10, 2006)
Opportunists Make Use of Cartoon Protests: Individuals, Groups and Governments Vent Anger Over Issues Unrelated to Defense of Islam (Post, February 9, 2006)
Britons Urge Arrest of Protesters Advocating Violence (Post, February 7, 2006)
Lebanon Protesters Set Embassy Afire: Anger Over Caricatures of Muhammad Targets Denmark, Christian Neighborhood (Post, February 6, 2006)
Cartoons Spark Burning of Embassies: Syrians, Angry at Drawings of Prophet Muhammad, Target Danes and Norwegians (Post, February 5, 2006)
Irate Muslims Stage New Protests: Western Officials Seek To Calm Tensions Over Cartoons of Muhammad (Post, February 4, 2006)
Tension Rises Over Cartoons of Muhammad: Publication Widens In Europe as Protests Grow in Islamic World (Post, February 3, 2006)
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