Abu Ghraib Prison

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Officer's Role at Abu Ghraib Played Down (Post, August 22, 2007, Page A14)
Army Drops More Charges in Officer's Abu Ghraib Case (Post, August 21, 2007, Page A04)
Conflicting Portraits of Officer Charged Over Abu Ghraib (Post, July 31, 2007, Page A03)
Pistachios at Guantanamo (By Jackson Diehl, July 23, 2007, Page A17)
Bush Approves New CIA Methods: Interrogations Of Detainees To Resume (Post, July 21, 2007, Page A01)
The Unseen Path to Cruelty (Post, June 25, 2007, Page A01)
The Tortured Lives of Interrogators: Veterans of Iraq, N. Ireland and Mideast Share Stark Memories (Post, June 4, 2007, Page A01)
A Question of Torture (May 17, 2007, Page A16)
House Armed Services Committee Hearing: On the Military Commissions Act and Guantanamo Bay Facility (washingtonpost.com, April 2, 2007; 11:36 AM)
Walter Reed Hearing to Put Spotlight on Kiley's Leadership (Post, March 5, 2007, Page A09)
Al-Qaeda's Hand In Istanbul Plot: Turks Met With Bin Laden (Post, February 13, 2007, Page A01)
Abu Ghraib Officer Faces Court-Martial (Post, January 27, 2007, Page A03)
Interrogation Research Is Lacking, Report Says: Few Studies Have Examined U.S. Methods (Post, January 16, 2007, Page A15)
Contractors Are Cited in Abuses at Guantanamo: Reports Indicate Interrogation Role (Post, January 4, 2007, Page D01)
Ex-Detainees Seek to Sue U.S. Officials: 9 Former Prisoners Want Rumsfeld and Others Held Responsible for Torture (Post, December 8, 2006)
Netherlands Notes Abuse of Jailed Iraqis (Post, November 18, 2006, Page A17)
Gone But Not Forgotten: The Donald Rumsfeld I Know (By Douglas J. Feith, November 12, 2006, Page B01)
The Unlearned Lessons of Abu Ghraib (By Christopher Graveline, October 19, 2006, Page A29)
House Votes (Post, October 1, 2006, Page SM10)
Interrogators Left Out in the Cold (By David Ignatius, September 22, 2006, Page A17)
New Army Manual Recalls Abuse: Explicit Interrogation Guidelines Are Meant to Deter Missteps (Post, September 9, 2006, Page A08)
Pentagon War Policy: New Rules of Interrogation Forbid Use of Harsh Tactics (Post, September 7, 2006, Page A01)
Transcript: Defense Department News Briefing on Detainee Policies (washingtonpost.com, September 6, 2006; 4:58 PM)
GOP Senators Differ With President on Military Trials: Terrorism Suspects' Right To Information Is at Issue (Post, September 6, 2006, Page A03)
Homicide Charges Rare in Iraq War: Few Troops Tried For Killing Civilians (Post, August 28, 2006, Page A01)

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