Abu Ghraib Prison

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Ex-Contractor Guilty of Assaulting Detainee: Passaro Is the First U.S. Civilian Convicted for Abuse in Afghanistan or Iraq (Post, August 18, 2006, Page A08)
War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution (Post, August 9, 2006, Page A01)
General Who Ran Guantanamo Bay Retires (Post, August 1, 2006, Page A06)
Do No Harm: A medical ethicist accuses prison doctors at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo of abetting abuse. (Post, July 23, 2006, Page BW04)
U.S. Shifts Policy on Geneva Conventions: Bowing to Justices, Administration Says It Will Apply Treaties to Terror Suspects (Post, July 12, 2006, Page A01)
THE COSTS OF WAR: Medical Oaths Betrayed (By Steven H. Miles, July 9, 2006, Page B01)
Bad Advice Blamed For Banned Tactics: 2004 Report Cites Interrogation Errors (Post, June 17, 2006, Page A16)
Abuse Trial Revives Old Questions: Involvement of Superior Officers at Abu Ghraib to Be Raised (Post, May 22, 2006, Page A10)
Top Officer Ordered To Testify on Abuse: Use of Dogs to Scare Detainees at Issue (Post, April 19, 2006, Page A14)
Memo Shows Officer's Shift on Use of Dogs: Abu Ghraib Commander Urged End to Tactic but No Punishment for Guards (Post, April 15, 2006, Page A11)
Officer Says He Wrongly Approved Use of Dogs: Tactic Employed At Abu Ghraib (Post, March 16, 2006, Page A01)
Detainee in Photo With Dog Was 'High-Value' Suspect (Post, March 13, 2006, Page A03)
Documents Said to Tie Hussein to Killings: Prosecutors Allege Evidence Shows Former Leader Had Direct Role in Executions (Post, March 1, 2006, Page A12)
Sentence in Death Of Iraqi Angers Son: Soldier's Reprimand 'Is Not Justice' (Post, January 25, 2006, Page A08)
Former Abu Ghraib Guard Calls Top Brass Culpable for Abuse: Wife of Jailed Soldier Says Tactics Were in Place From Start (Post, January 23, 2006, Page A03)
A General's Dishonor (Post, January 15, 2006, Page B06)
Tough Interrogation Tactics Were Opposed: Pentagon Task Force Was Told Not to Use Techniques Approved in 2002, Records Show (Post, January 13, 2006, Page A16)
General Asserts Right On Self-Incrimination In Iraq Abuse Cases (Post, January 12, 2006, Page A01)
President Relents, Backs Torture Ban: McCain Proposal Had Veto-Proof Support (Post, December 16, 2005, Page A01)
Stepping Back From Torture (By David Ignatius, December 16, 2005, Page A35)
No Secret Rules on Torture (By Victor Hansen, December 15, 2005, Page A33)
Torture, American-Style (By David Luban, November 27, 2005, Page B01)
Abuse Included Use of Lions, Iraqis Allege: Ex-Detainees Say Troops Also Used Mock Executions (Post, November 15, 2005, Page A06)
Medical Experts Debate Role In Facilitating Interrogations (Post, November 14, 2005, Page A19)
Defense Document Bans Detainee Torture (Post, November 9, 2005, Page A25)

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