Spain says it will accept 5 detainees from Guantanamo prison: Offer is largest commitment from European country (Post, February 16, 2010)
The boy from the battlefield: Youngest Guantanamo detainee awaits military trial on war crimes charges (Post, February 10, 2010)
Uighur brothers to resettle in Switzerland: One had refused earlier Guantanamo release to remain with the other (Post, February 4, 2010)
Brennan says no recidivism among Guantanamo detainees released by Obama: Overall rate of battlefield return has increased (Post, February 3, 2010)
Obama hamstrung on Guantanamo: CLOSURE PLAN PUT IN DOUBT
Choices limited by political, other concerns
(Post, January 29, 2010)
Panel on Guantanamo backs indefinite detention for some (Post, January 22, 2010)
Return of Yemeni detainees at Guantanamo Bay is suspended (Post, January 5, 2010; 5:25 PM)
Former Guantanamo detainees fuel growing al-Qaeda cell: Such cases may make closing the facility more difficult (Post, December 30, 2009)
Six held at Guantanamo to be sent home to Yemen: Move could presage dozens more releases; critics say transfers will fuel terrorism (Post, December 18, 2009; 5:04 AM)
Illinois prison picked for detainees: CONGRESS MUST VOTE ON PLAN
Critics are calling facility 'Gitmo North'
(Post, December 16, 2009)
U.S. to announce transfer of detainees to Ill. prison (Post, December 15, 2009)
U.S. can continue to detain Yemeni: Judge rules in case of man accused of being part of al-Qaeda (Post, December 15, 2009)
Defense Dept. faulted for not taping detainee (Post, December 11, 2009)
Illinois prison likely to house detainees: Despite GOP concerns, facility seen as choice to replace Guantanamo (Post, December 6, 2009)
Guantanamo writings cost ex-prosecutor his new job (Post, December 5, 2009)
Resumed military panels face new challenges (Post, December 4, 2009)
4 from Guantanamo are sent to Europe: Detainees, one part of Supreme Court case, going to three countries (Post, December 1, 2009)
Ex-detainees' woes in Yemen add to U.S. fears of releasing others (Post, November 29, 2009)
Key coordinator of detainee policy quits (Post, November 25, 2009)
Prison holds promise for job-strapped town: Some may warn about detainee danger, but residents see jobs (Post, November 21, 2009)
Obama admits Guantanamo won't close by Jan. deadline (Post, November 18, 2009; 8:52 AM)
In Senate vote, signs of shift on detainees: Democrats reject ban on using funds for U.S. facilities to house Guantanamo prisoners (Post, November 18, 2009)
Assembling defense team will be among the initial challenges: Federal court set to confront issue of self-representation (Post, November 15, 2009)
White House counsel poised to give up post: Tenure marked by struggles over closing Guantanamo (Post, November 13, 2009)
White House counsel Craig to end embattled tenure (Post, November 12, 2009; 11:41 PM)
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