World Election Watch
TORONTO -- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is unlikely to attend the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London next month because of a looming election in Canada.
Merkel fights to stop German state slipping away (AP, March 24, 2011; 9:55 AM)
Opposition says they'll topple Canadian PM Friday (AP, March 23, 2011; 11:21 PM)
Army finds bomb-making material in central Nigeria (AP, March 23, 2011; 11:59 AM)
Spring election looms in Canada (AP, March 22, 2011; 10:14 PM)
Egypt: Constitution changes pass in referendum (AP, March 21, 2011; 12:13 AM)
Peru's Cabinet chief quits, cites personal reasons (AP, March 19, 2011; 7:53 PM)
A look Haiti's presidential election (AP, March 19, 2011; 6:02 PM)
Ivory Coast's crisis creates embassy quandary (AP, March 19, 2011; 12:37 PM)
Warm welcome greets Aristide on return to Haiti (AP, March 18, 2011; 6:30 PM)

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