Darfur Conflict

Freshly displaced Darfuris await the arrival of the UN relief coordinator Jan Egeland in the rebel held town of Gereida in southern Darfur, 07 May 2006.
UNITED NATIONS -- Citing "disturbing" circumstances in Sudan ahead of national elections, the United States said Thursday that it would consider supporting a brief delay in the voting for the sake of greater credibility.
U.S. envoy pushes for Darfur peace deal before Sudanese elections (Post, March 10, 2010; 8:39 PM)
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White House Defends Its Peace Efforts In Darfur: Administration Plans To Airlift Equipment (Post, January 6, 2009)
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3 Olympic 'Protest Pens' Planned for Beijing Parks (Post, July 24, 2008)
China Is Growing Unfriendly to Foreigners, Visitors Say (Post, July 19, 2008)
China Expresses 'Grave Concern' Over Indictment of Sudan's Bashir (Post, July 16, 2008)
Sudan Vows to Fight Charges Of Genocide Against Its Leader: Move by Court Brings Cheers in Darfur Camps (Post, July 15, 2008)
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