Coverage of the Virginia and Maryland sniper trials.

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Muhammad Cross-Examines Several Witnesses (AP, May 16, 2006; 4:29 AM)
MONTGOMERY SNIPER TRIAL: Witnesses Recall Contacts They Had With Muhammad (Post, May 16, 2006)
Youngest Victim Takes the Stand: Others Outside Montgomery Testify, Too (Post, May 10, 2006)
Muhammad Questions Sniper Witnesses (AP, May 5, 2006; 10:15 PM)
Malvo May Testify for Sniper Prosecution (AP, May 2, 2006; 8:49 PM)
Jury Selection Begins in Sniper's 2nd Trial (AP, May 1, 2006; 11:50 PM)
At Last, Sister of Sniper Victim Gets Her Day in Court: Muhammad Goes on Trial Tomorrow in Montgomery (Post, April 30, 2006)
Muhammad Asks to Defend Himself (Post, March 28, 2006)
Single Trial to Cover 6 Md. Sniper Slayings (Post, March 7, 2006)
Maryland Not Seeking Death Penalty In Sniper Trial (Post, March 3, 2006)
Politics, Derelict Parenting and a Panda: The Year That Was Impossible to Ignore (By Marc Fisher, January 1, 2006)
Leaders Share Flu Pandemic Concerns: Federal Plan Prompts a Deeper Look Into Worst-Case Health, Business Scenarios (Post, November 7, 2005)
Va. Will Send Snipers To Md. for Prosecution: Six People Were Slain in Montgomery (Post, May 11, 2005)
Va. Court Upholds Muhammad Sentences: Sniper Could Be Sent To Another State (Post, April 23, 2005)
Va. Court Upholds Muhammad Sentences: Sniper Could Be Sent To Another State (Reuters, April 23, 2005; 12:00 AM)
A Garden of Hope and Renewal in a Violent World: Brookside's Reflection Terrace Honors Sniper Victims and Comforts a Shaken City (Post, March 24, 2005)
Fairfax Said No to Malvo Plea Deal: Teen Would Have Testified Against Muhammad in Sniper Trial (Post, March 5, 2005)
Slow-Burn Tactic Aids Arsonist: Officials Explain Lack of Witnesses (Post, February 28, 2005)
Testing This Headline: Officials Explain Lack of Witnesses (WPNI, February 28, 2005; 12:00 AM)
Just -- the Facts: When It Comes to Murder and Mayhem, Channel 4's Pat Collins Has a Certain Unique Way. With Words. (Post, February 21, 2005)
Va. Judge Dismisses Case Against Muhammad: Fairfax Ruling Cites Right to Speedy Trial (Post, October 2, 2004)
Muhammad Has Hearing In Fairfax For 2nd Trial (Post, June 23, 2004)
A Solemn, Ecstatic Homecoming: D.C. Guard Unit Celebrates Return After Year in Iraq (Post, April 28, 2004)
In Ohio, a Fear That Hits Home: A Sniper Stalks the Highways in a Place We've Been Before (Post, March 8, 2004)
Jayson Blair, Continued: With a Story of Lies, The Fallen Writer Hopes to Turn a Page (Post, March 7, 2004)

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